Regional Alumni Ambassadors

The Shidler College of Business is proud to represent alumni from around the globe, who work in various industries and sectors. With a strong alumni base both nationally and in the Asia-Pacific region, we endeavor to bolster the Shidler brand, as well as connect and foster meaningful relationships with our graduates. Our alumni serve as key resources to keep abreast of regional business developments, as well as providing opportunities for internships and job placements for students.

To better connect our alumni with each other, as well as and recent graduates, we’ve launched the Shidler Regional Alumni Ambassador Program. Alumni Ambassadors are active in Shidler initiatives and are dedicated to enhancing the college’s reach, mission and vision. Ambassadors also serve as a resource for other alumni in their area.

To connect with our Shidler Regional Alumni Ambassadors, or to obtain more information about the program and how to become an ambassador, please contact director of alumni engagement, Bianca Mordasini

Southern California



Stephanie Honami

Stephanie Homani is the founder of Lotus Method, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in Human Resources and life strategies. Her twenty-plus year career as a proven Human Resource partner has fueled Stephanie's passion for helping people and organizations.

Her ability to help navigate delicate situations, with a win-win outcome in mind, results in risk mitigation by creating a roadmap for those seeking guidance and direction. Her Japanese-English fluency and bilingual upbringing provides a unique leadership and coaching style, which may be described as firm, yet supportive. Her no-nonsense communication style, strong moral compass, and desire for successful outcomes, has served her well with advising the spectrum from teenagers through seasoned C-Suite leaders in Fortune 500 companies. 

In her spare time, Stephanie seeks ways to travel the world while juggling the delicate balance of being a single mother and business owner.


Johanna Tokunaga

Johanna Tokunaga is an alumnus of the MBA class of 2000. She enjoyed the EMBA Asia Tour with Dr. K.K. Seo as part of her emphasis in international business. She earned her B.S. in Managerial Economics at the University of California, at Davis with a music minor.

After starting her career at Bank of Hawaii, she relocated to California. She currently lives in the Los Angeles area and works at BNY Mellon. Johanna enjoys working on public financings in Hawaii and California. In her free time, she travels, rides her road bike with a cycling club and plays the flute. Johanna looks forward to connecting with Shidler College students and alumni-both current and future!

Dave Uemura

Dave Uemura

Dave received his Bachelors in Business Administration Degree from the University of Hawaii with emphasis in International Business. From 1997 to 2016 Dave worked at Abbott Laboratories in the sales, training, and patient reimbursement divisions in both Hawaii and California.
From the beginning, Dave has been actively involved in the San Diego Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. He received the 2008 Health Hero Award from the Combined Health Agencies and was appointed to be part of the Board of Directors for the Sand Diego Arthritis Foundation. Along with his work with the San Diego chapter, Dave has also been involved in the Orange County Chapter and National Psoriasis Foundation of Southern California.

In 2016, Dave joined Eli Lilly & Co. to become a Field Reimbursement Manager. As a physician and patient advocate, Dave is motivated by knowing that he is helping patients get the medicine they need every single day.