Getting Started

It's never too early to start planning ahead!

1) Review Options for Studying in Another Country

Narrow your selection by country, school, semester, and courses.

Students can visit:

AACSB Accreditation
Visit the AACSB International website to find out which partner schools are AACSB accredited.

2) Nomination to a Partner University

Review and selection of students are completed in accordance with UH MIX or UHM Study Abroad deadlines. It is important for students to prioritize their selection of schools and to have a second and third choice. Your nomination should be discussed with UH MIX staff or UHM Study Abroad staff (depending on which program you have applied to) so you will have a clearer undersanding of the complete process.

3) Selecting Courses

Prior to studying abroad, students should determine which host university courses will be accepted in transfer to fulfill their BBA degree requirements.  Some host universities will allow students to pre-select their courses, while others will require students to register when they arrive on campus. 

Study Abroad Program
Students should refer to their website for course equivalencies or consult with their SAC advisor.

MIX Program
Students should refer to the Shidler International website or the MIX website for course equivalencies or consult with the MIX advisor or their business academic advisor by calling 956-8215 to schedule an appointment.

All course selections should be cleared with their Shidler College of Business academic advisor to ensure courses fit within the business requirements.

4) Apply for Travel Scholarships

Look over and carefully complete Application Parts 1 through 5 (below). Incomplete applications will be inelligble for review.

1. Student Scholarship Application Form: Scholarship Application Form
Please access the application through the appropriate link above for the semester(s) that you plan on studying abroad.  Be sure to fill in all necessary information and print-out and sign before submitting the application form.

2. Preliminary Travel Expenses Sheet: Preliminary Travel Expenses Sheet
The report will detail how you plan to use the scholarship funds while abroad, including airfare, medical insurance, clothing, and personal items. Also include in your report any additional funding you might receive from other scholarships, grants, and loans.

3. Preliminary Course Equivalency Form: Preliminary Courses Form
Students should refer to Shidler's partner schools' course equivalencies lists or for non-partner schools, students should consult with the Study Abroad office or MIX office more information.  It is important to consult with the Shidler College of Business Academic Advisor to avoid disappointment with course equivalencies and transfer credit issues. 

4. Résumé
Applicants should provide a current résumé, which includes involvement in student clubs, community service, internships, and work experience.

5. Academic Planner
In consultation with their Shidler College of Business Academic Advisor, applicants must provide a copy of their academic plan reflecting progress towards graduation, proposed courses they plan to take at their host university, and their projected graduation semester.

Submit BOTH an Electronic and Hard Copy of the Application and Related Documents as follows:

Electronic Copy: Send the electronic version of the application form, travel expense sheet, resume, and academic plan to

Hard Copy: All application documents must be submitted to:

c/o Rikki Mitsunaga, Ph.D.
Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii at Manoa
2404 Maile Way, B-101
Honolulu, HI 96822