ACC 409 – Accounting Information Systems

3 credit(s)

Accounting systems analysis, control and design in manual and computerized environments. Knowledge and skills of information technology for auditing AIS systems. Hands-on experience with microcomputers and a computerized accounting system. A-F only. Pre: 323 (with C- or better or concurrent) and BUS 311 (with C or better).


This course provides students a firm grasp of the essential information systems, business terminology and techniques that would be needed to succeed in an accounting environment.  At the general level this course covers information systems and provides a fundamental understanding of accounting information systems, including analysis, design, implementation, evaluation, and control.  The course also critically examines the impact of accounting information systems applications and the systems development process for decision making, including controlling risks within business processes, and an emphasis on sources and types of information and the use of analytical tools used solving accounting management problems. 

Course Syllabi
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