ACC 460D – Auditing and Accounting Information Systems Capstone

1 credit(s)

460 (D) Current and Relevant Auditing and Accounting Information Systems Topics. Current accounting issues discussed. Lectures, discussion, case analysis. ACC majors only. A-F only. Pre: 418 (or concurrent), no waiver. Co-requisite  ACC 460 (C)


1. Acquire basic knowledge for audit analytics

  • Learn to access sources for learning basic information on topics in data science and auditing
  • Acquire a working knowledge of auditing sources and data analytics techniques
  • Consider ethical standards in data analytics practice

2. Conduct research by accessing information effectively and efficiently

  • Develop skills in acquiring proper analytics tools and locating support materials
  • Acquire data literacy knowledge and skills in current data science and auditing issues

3. Think critically and problem solve creatively

  • Understand sophisticated situations and formulate questions and hypotheses
  • Develop data analysis strategies and utilize proper techniques
  • Practice giving valuable advice to auditors and company stakeholders

4. Communicate and report effectively

  • Understand the format and writing styles for audit memos and reports
  • Strengthen writing skills, especially by using logical organization and data visualization
  • Build more effective technology competencies

5. Encourage continuous learning with agility and adaptability  

  • Develop analytics and growth mindsets
  • Provide exposure to the latest development in analytics tools available to accountants


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