ACC 638 – Estate and Gift Taxation and Planning

2 credit(s)

Examines estate and gift tax provisions and basic estate planning techniques to save taxes and avoid probate. Overviews generation-skipping transfer taxes and income taxes on estates and trusts. Pre: 401 or 584 with C- or better, or consent.


  • Tax exclusions and valuation
  • Estate and gift tax calculation
  • Gross estate
  • Joint interest
  • Life insurance proceeds
  • Estate Tax deductions and charitable contributions
  • Powers of Appointment
  • Transfers during life
  • Annuities
  • Avoiding probate
  • Federal Estate, and Gift Tax Returns
  • Optional: Charitable trusts, income taxation of estate and trusts, estate planning, tax audits, financial and healthcare power of attorney, generation skipping transfer tax, wills and trusts
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