BUS 700 Thesis Research (V)

Required for Plan A candidates only; six credit hours required, one of which must be taken during semester in which degree is awarded. Repeatable unlimited times.

All MBA students have the option of completing a six credit thesis in place of their capstone course (BUS 696). The thesis course is typically a multi-semester experience that culminates in an original, scholarly contribution to the field. A thesis course serves as a substitute for BUS 696 (three credits) and fulfills one MBA elective requirement (three credits). It is the only course that can substitute for BUS 696 and is recommended primarily for students who plan to continue to a Ph.D. rather than (re)enter/continue professionally in the business world. It is the responsibility of the student to seek out and secure their thesis subject, advisor, and review committee. Students interested in pursuing this option should contact their advisor for more information.