FIN 307 – Corporate Financial Management

3 credit(s)

Development and analysis of modern financial theory and its implications for management decisions: market efficiency, capital asset pricing, firm investment decisions, capital structure, dividend policy, and cost of capital.

George Kester: ( Tu/Th 10:30 Pre: BUS 314.

The goal of this course is to further your understanding of applied corporate financial management, including financial analysis and forecasting, financing sales growth, short term versus long-term financing, capital structure policy, capital investment analysis, cost of capital, and company valuation. To help you better understand the  relevance and application of the concepts, models and analytical techniques of finance, this course focuses upon selected Harvard Business School cases that require analysis, evaluation of alternatives, and decision-making. Your analysis, discussion, and presentation of the cases in this course will help you gain skills needed in the practice of corporate financial management.  Grades are based on class participation, group presentations, and a final exam. 

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