FIN 321 – International Business Finance

3 credit(s)

Financial management of foreign and international business operations: the regulatory environment of international finance, financing international transactions, international capital markets, taxation. Financial decision-making in the firm. 

Mitsuru Misawa: (  W/F 9:00 and 10:30. Pre: BUS 314.

In this course you’ll learn how to measure and manage various risks such as transaction, operating, and accounting exposures. You will study how to make money in foreign exchange markets; arbitrage and manipulation.  You will study how to use Options, SWAP, Futures, and other derivatives in the currency markets. You will also learn the techniques of “International Capital Budgeting” in detail.  Since the course is Asian Pacific oriented, you will study many Japanese cases by Professor Misawa. Early registration is recommended since the class often becomes full on the first day of registration.  Seniors are given priority registration. Professor Misawa worked with the Industrial Bank of Japan, the most prestigious investment bank in Japan, now known as Mizuho Corporate, Bank, for 30 years. His career included assignments as an investment banker in New York and Tokyo, for 15 years each. Misawa-Honjo International Fellowship is available for a total of $30,000/a year to be divided among 4 recipients who want to study in Japan; see Professor Misawa for more information. He recently published 2 books: “Current Business and Legal Issues in Japan’s Banking and Finance Industry (the 2nd edition)”, and “Cases on International Business. ” His 19 cases on Japanese companies and industries are listed on Harvard Business Online. Visit Harvard web:   The total number of his cases sold by Harvard in the past 7 years is now 13,526 copies. Top business schools such as Harvard, MIT and Wharton are using his cases as teaching materials.

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