FIN 341 – Financial Aspects of New Ventures

3 credit(s)

Examination of underlying business models for new ventures, how to determine corresponding financial requirements, and approaches to resource acquisition. Students explore a range of financing sources and related issues of valuation and deal structure.

Ben Bystrom: ( W/F 1:30. Pre: Junior standing and BUS 314, or consent.

This course takes a broad approach to entrepreneurial finance including: assessment of financial needs, arranging venture financing, assessing value to the entrepreneurs and investor(s), financial aspects of strategic planning, analyzing the tradeoffs between alternative financing choices and flexibility and control, and how to harvest the investment. The class is for both practicing and aspiring entrepreneurs, investors in early-stage ventures, and students who seek a better understanding of more advanced issues in corporate finance.  A series of cases will examine the issues and problems that confront entrepreneurs at all stages of new venture development, starting from the original idea to harvesting the investment.

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