FIN 490B – Equity Research and Corporate Valuation Methods (WI)

3 credit(s)

In-depth analysis of selected current practices and issues in finance.

Ben Bystrom: ( W/F 3:00. Pre: FIN 311 & FIN 314.

The key objective of corporate finance is to maximize shareholder value, FIN490B teaches you how to do it. Through equity research you will learn how to best manage a company’s financial policies and strategy to add value. The course focuses on evaluating financial statements, building excel based cash flow and valuation models, analyzing industry/corporate dynamics, identifying growth drivers and quantifying risk. As a writing intensive course, you will learn to better communicate your analysis in writing. Assignments will be based around practical business writing formats including professional research reports, investment recommendations, sales pitches, consulting reports, PowerPoint presentations and executive summaries. This course prepares students for careers in investment and commercial banking, equity research, asset management and corporate finance.

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