INS 300 – Principles of Insurance

3 credit(s)

Analysis and treatment of pure risks; utilization of insurance programs to provide protection against financial losses caused by property losses; third-party claims and premature death.

Jing Ai: ( WF 9:00, 12:00 

It’s inevitable you will be involved in risk management activities and insurance, especially in today’s economic and business environments. INS 300 provides an understanding of this important aspect of business and introduces you to a vast and growing industry. We address risk management and insurance application in both business and personal financial decision-making. This course introduces basic risk management concepts and techniques and we analyze various types of insurance including life, property, casualty, liability, health, disability and long-term care.  Leading professionals will provide guest lectures. This course satisfies a requirement for the Financial Services and Planning track for Finance majors and is a Finance elective. INS 300 is a required course for the CFP® Exam. Various Insurance internship opportunities are available through this class.

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