Real Estate Courses

RE 300 - Principles of Real Estate (3)

Principles affecting the allocation and utilization of real estate resources, including legal, physical, economic elements; valuation; market analysis; finance; investments, and public and private externalities affecting the allocation and utilization of real estate resources.

RE 310 - Real Estate and Environmental Law (3)

Property rights, land tenure, agency, contracts and negotiation theory, title conveyancing and escrow, mortgage instruments, fair housing, state and federal environmental policy

RE 320 - Real Estate Finance and Investment (3)

Financial and investment techniques used to evaluate real property and real estate security investments.

RE 330 - Real Estate Appraisal/Analysis (3)

Analysis of real property, including feasibility analysis, market analysis, income property capitalization, and general real estate valuation techniques.

RE 351 - Tourism Destination Development (3)

Examination of the interrelationships of social, economic, and physical aspects of total resort development, with emphasis on physical development of tourist centers and resort areas. Pre: TIM 101.

RE 390 - Current Topics in Real Estate Analysis (3)

Consideration of various special concepts and problems in real estate. Repeatable unlimited times.

RE 399 - Directed Reading and Research (V)

Reading and research in a special area within the major field under direction of faculty member(s). Project must include statement of objectives, outline of activities planned, results expected, and how they are to be reported and evaluated. Must be approved in advance by the department chair and faculty advisor. Repeatable unlimited times.

RE 674 - Real Estate Investment Analysis (3)

Development of strategic business plans for the optimization of a firm's real property assets. Includes facilities utilization audits, contingency planning, and the impact of new techniques.