John Doyle, EMBA ‘17

Technical Director 
Department of Defense 

“The Shidler EMBA program afforded me the opportunity to connect to the local and Pacific business ecosystems in new ways and shifted how I think about every facet of the integration of business with government, communities, and individuals. I gained life-long friendships and professional partners. The value I gained from this program went well beyond the simple monetary expense; you can't put a price on the relationships you will gain, deeply impactful experiences you will have, and the unique skills you will accumulate in order to do great good in the world. ”

Lillian Rodolfich, EMBA ‘05

Aloha Air Cargo

Lillian Rodolfich

“The Executive MBA program at the Shidler College of Business provides a highly accredited internationally ranked program that covers all aspects of business – management, accounting, statistics, human resources, negotiations, information technology, marketing and so much more. The Asian field trip offered a unique opportunity to study and visit companies across several Asian countries and to understand the global market perspective. The cohort structure provided a great network of friends, who are also great resources in the community. The EMBA program helped me understand my company better and helped me provide more value to those I work with.”

Malcolm Inamine, EMBA ‘00

Chief Human Resources Officer
JN Group, Inc & Cycle City Ltd.

Malcolm Inamine

“The Executive MBA program was the pivotal educational opportunity that provided a stable foundation in my personal and professional development. Being able to learn from successful industry and business professionals in the classroom setting presented practical insight and experiences that are not provided in textbooks and theories. The high caliber and talent of the participants is truly amazing. The value of this program is not only in the education, but the lasting relationships, networks and resources that are developed.”

Cathy Tanaka, EMBA ‘05

Departamental School Health Coordinator
Department of Health

Cathy Tanaka

“UH’s EMBA program was the best money I’ve ever spent. Although I don’t come from a traditional business background, the program was relevant to all aspects of my career. I found the cohort structure and diverse mix of professionals from private, public, non-profit and the military to be a great asset to my learning. Additionally, the program does an excellent job scheduling courses which complements learning across subject areas – simulating real-life work environments. Above all, EMBA fosters great personal and professional relationships.”

Sheila Gold, EMBA ‘94, Owner | School Kine Cookies

Richard Louis, EMBA ‘94, Project Manager | The Gas Company

Janis Akuna, EMBA ‘94, Vice President | Morgan Stanley Smith Barney; Board Member | Board of Education

Sheila Gold, Richard Louis, Janis Akuna

“Is EMBA 8 really the Super Star Class, as many have said? Certainly members of EMBA 8 think so. As we continue to reconnect, reunite, socialize, and even work together, we recognize the life long relationships we've developed. Each time we meet there is a sense of family. The memories of having great professors, of team building, of traveling under some harrowing conditions, could not have created stronger ties. We truly feel fortunate, blessed, and much, much smarter as part of the EMBA 8 class.”