Marketing Department

The Marketing Department provides students and executives with the tools they need to understand, evalute, predict, and respond to customer needs, wants and trends.

The undergraduate Marketing major continues to be one of the most popular majors in the College. Marketing majors can specialize within one of several areas such as marketing research, marketing management, sales, retail management, and international marketing. Many also intern with leading Hawaii or mainland businesses for additional experience.

MBA students achieve a meaningful concentration in marketing by enrolling in regularly offered graduate electives. Executive level courses are also available on demand in a variety of topic areas, for example: international marketing management, marketing research methodology, service marketing, technology and marketing, service marketing, health care marketing management, and new venture marketing.

The department has spearheaded an effort to upgrade the College's information technology through the Shidler Behavioral Lab. The Lab serves as a teaching and research tool for the College's students and faculty as well as the general community. The Lab brings together leading behavioral researchers from marketing, management and information systems that participate in cross-cultural studies and develop innovative business strategies for use in markets around the world.

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