School of Accountancy Overview

The School of Accountancy (SOA) at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UH-Mānoaprovides a high quality accounting education and leading edge research, fulfilling Jay Shidler's visionary gift to the Shidler College of Business.

SOA maintains the most extensive offering of accounting education in the state of Hawaii. See SOA's web-page on "Academics" to read about the award-winning teaching, great accounting programs, and exciting course offerings. Ph.D. Program requirements for students with an accounting emphasis are provided. Separate web-pages exist for the competitive Master of Accounting and the challenging undergraduate accounting major programs.

The "About SOA" web-page lists the excellent SOA faculty and staff, and provides summary information about SOA's high quality accounting course offerings and the University of Hawai‘i. Related web-pages provide information on SOA Governance, including the SOA Advisory Board and a message from the SOA Director.

SOA "Research" web-page provides insights on the many streams of research and recent publications by its excellent faculty.  For news, please visit the SOA home page, especially the Hawaii Accounting Research Conference, which premiers in 2018. SOA's impressive record of providing thoughtful research seminars in accounting by visiting academics is also provided. 

SOA "Resources" web-page discusses the numerous scholarships and business awards available for accounting students at UH-Mānoa, relevant student clubs (Accounting Club and Beta Alpha Psi), databases, classroom facilities, and accounting students use of the Shidler Office of Internships and Career Development. There are also web-pages on classroom facilitiesprofessional speakers, and links to the profession in Hawaii. Web-pages on notable accounting alumni from UH-ManoaMAcc alumni spotlights, and PhD students are also provided.

Jay Shidler's visionary gift has enriched the education and opportunities provided. The Shidler Business magazine best documents the extensive learning and great interactions occurring among faculty, students, professionals, and alumni at UH-Mānoa