Undergraduate Forms & Downloads

Use this form to submit a Change of Graduation Date or Change of Graduation Major

Bachelor of Business Administration degree requirements for admission and graduation

Must be officially admitted to Shidler College of Business to declare/change business major

Information on which classes count toward the International Business requirement

List of approved foreign culture courses which may be taken towards the Hawaiian/Second Language/Culture (HSL) requirement for graduation. Please review Curriculum and Requirements website regarding the HSL requirement.

AACSB accredited institutions under the National Student Exchange Program (NSE) 2015-2016

For current Shidler College students who need to petition for course equivalency or for con-current course enrollment

Petition for course equivalency for transferring pre-business course (ex: ACC 201, ICS 101B, etc.)

Learn more about what what you can do with each of the majors that Shidler College has to offer.