2018-2019 Freeman Scholars

Fall 2018 Scholars

Joshua Pono Akau

Joshua Pono Akau

Finance & Human Resource Management | Yonsei University, Korea

'"The world is your oyster." At Yonsei University, I hope to further challenge myself by expanding my horizons and cultural knowledge. This experience will help me become the scholar I aspire to be."

Blog: https://akau84.wixsite.com/cheepono

Emily Ball

Emily Ball

Human Resource Management | University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

"Studying abroad in Hong Kong will help me to learn more about where my grandfather comes from and will give me the intercultural communication skills I need for where I want to go."

Blog: https://hapainhongkong.weebly.com/student-exchange.html

Keri Kawatachi

Keri Kawatachi

Human Resource Management & International Business | Yonsei University, Korea

"Studying abroad in South Korea will allow me study beyond the classroom and push me outside of my comfort zone. Through this experience, I hope to not only learn about international business, but to immerse myself in another culture and challenge myself to grow as a professional and a person."

Blog: https://keriinkorea.weebly.com 

Daehyun Andy Lee

Daehyun Andy Lee

Finance | Yonsei Univeristy, Korea

"It is my dream to study abroad in Korea. I am planning to participate in many extracurricular activities and vist as many cities as possible. I will definitely make this opportunity one of the most memorable experiences in my life!"

Blog: https://ringodingos.wordpress.com/

Kevin Lin

Kevin Lin

Management | Keio University, Japan

"I hope to be a part of the Japanese society and experience their lifestyle. I wish to learn how diverse cultures have a different effect on people. Also, I plan to practice and improve my Japanese communication skill snad eventually become fluent in Japanese."

Blog: https://timeforanventure.weebly.com/

Annie Nguyen

Annie Nguyen

Human Resource Management, Marketing, & International Business | Yonsei University, Korea

"I look forward to learning new cultures, meeting new people, experiencing new adventures, and most of all, discovering myself."

Blog: http://hotpothoney.weebly.com/

Ha Nguyen

Ha Nguyen

Human Resource Management, Marketing, & International Business | Korea University, Korea

"South Korea fascinates me with the nation's rich culture, entertainment, technology, and the rapid advancing economy. I hope to learn and experience the cultural differences and connect with people from around the world while exploring Korea and the neighbor countries."

Blog: https://hagoesplaces.weebly.com/

Tran Vo

Tran Vo

Management & International Business | Korea University, Korea

“The valuable opportunity of study abroad will help me gain personal growth and professional development in international business by immersing myself in Korean culture, tradition, and education.” 

Blog: https://votran1101.wixsite.com/trantravels


Spring 2019 Scholars

Joshua Pono Akau

Anna Chen

Accounting & Economics | University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

"By escaping the ordinary, studying abroad in Hong Kong will act as a catalyst where I will be able to apply the knowledge I have gained and strive to try new and exciting challenges. I hope to build long lasting relationships with others from around the world and broaden my global perspective."

Blog: https://eatscapetohkg.weebly.com/

Emily Ball

Irene Chen

Accounting & Finance | National University of Singapore, Singapore

"Through the process of studying abroad, you will find yourself paying more attention to the little candid moments in life. Singapore is full of these candid moments which I hope to make lifetime memories of and if an opportunity should arise that I return to Singapore, I will be reminded of who I have grown to become."

Blog: https://admirenesingapore.weebly.com/

Keri Kawatachi

Kristyn Fujii

Management | Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

"Especially as someone who has not yet been out of the country, I am more than grateful to have this chance to study abroad. This has been a dream of mine for years, so I am definitely looking forward to experiencing what Hong Kong has to offer."

Blog: https://kri5tyn.wixsite.com/hk19

Daehyun Andy Lee

Victoria Huynh

Management Information Systems, Marketing, & International Business | Seoul National Univeristy, South Korea

"During my travels, I aim to gain a deeper understanding of global awareness and business practices in Asia. Immersing myself in a new country will help strengthen my cultural appreciation while developing me personally and professionally."

Blog: https://victoriahuynh.wixsite.com/seoul/about

Kevin Lin

Michael Imai

Marketing | University of Seoul, South Korea

"When studying abroad, I'm hoping to experience something new. I believe that there is a big difference between visiting a country and living in a country. When you visit on a vacation for a few weeks, it isn't enough time to truly immerse yourself in a different culture. It would be like trying to learn calculus in a few weeks!"

Blog: https://michaelimai.weebly.com/

Tran Vo

Jennifer Jeong

Travel Industry Management, Business Minor, & Korean Minor | Kyunghee University, Korea

"Studying abroad in South Korea will help me step out of my comfort zone and have new and exciting experiences. I hope to improve my Korean language skills as well as make connections with local and international students."

Blog:  www.jenninkorea.weebly.com

Annie Nguyen

Reagan Matsumoto

Accounting & Finance | National University of Singapore, Singapore

"While studying in Singapore I hope to sharpen my business skills, expand my horizons, and immerse myself in a rich culture. I hope to bring back different perspectives that can positively affect Hawaii. After all, "to understand what is going on in the world, you have to see the world."

Blog: https://www.tumblr.com/settings/blog/reaganmats

Annie Nguyen

Shannon Mau

Finance & International Business | National University of Singapore, Singapore

"During my semester abroad in Singapore, I hope to challenge myself at the academic, cultural, and personal levels. Due to the fact that Singapore is one of Asia's growing 'tiger economies', it is the perfect place to learn and experience how business works in an eastern context. Because of this, I hope to expand my global understanding of international excellence, which Shidler has instilled in me."


Blog: https://shaninsg.tumblr.com/

Shelby Nakata

Shelby Nakata

Management Information Systems, Finance, & Japanese | Keio University, Japan

"Through studying abroad in Japan, I hope to broaden my perspective and learn to see the world through another culture. While abroad, I will study with students from around the world, expanding both my cultural perspective and network internationally."

Blog: https://shelbynakatastudyabroad.weebly.com/

Ha Nguyen

Derek Ong

Management Information Systems & International Business | Seoul National University, South Korea

'“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". At Seoul National University, I will take my first step into a journey filled with cultural enrichment, laughter, and everlasting memories. I hope to expand my network and gain knowledge of unique business processes."

Blog: https://thats-seoul-derek.tumblr.com/

Tran Vo

Kyleen Pascual

Accounting & Human Resource Management | Seoul National University, South Korea

"The opportunity to study abroad in Korea will allow me to gain insight on a new culture that is completely different from my own. The distinct cultural perspectives I will gain overseas will help broaden my worldview and strengthen my personal and professional skills in an international environment."

Blog: https://kyleenpascual.wixsite.com/restless-seoul

Tran Vo

Janae Stilwell

Accounting & Finance | Keio University, Japan

'“Not all classrooms have four walls.” Having previously lived in Japan and China, this unique experience will strengthen my cultural understanding as a global citizen and a future businessperson in the Asia-Pacific region.. I eagerly look forward to returning to Japan to continue the unknown adventures that lie ahead."

Blog: https://janaeemi-japan.weebly.com

Tran Vo

Daniel Tarumoto

Finance | Seoul National University, Korea

"As much as I learn in the traditional classroom, I believe not all classrooms have four walls. There are lessons to be learned that no classroom could ever teach.  While in Korea, I plan to immerse myself in the Korean culture and hope to develop a deeper appreciation for my family heritage."

Blog: https://dandantravels.wixsite.com/korea

Tran Vo

Chao Tian

FinanceFudan University, China

"I moved to the US at the age of 10 and it's been years since I was back. In the past years China has been developing at an incredible speed, therefore I would love to explore the new China and witness the changes to the city. This trip will provide me with access to amazing opportunities for cultural, professional and personal growth."

Blog: https://hishanghai.weebly.com/

Edwin Wong

Edwin Wong

Finance & Chinese FlagshipNanjing University, China

"In addition to providing me with indispensable skills that can only be learned outside of the classroom, spending a semester in Nanjing will certainly add value to my future endeavors."

Blog: https://edwinwong10.wixsite.com/website

Tran Vo

Deran Yamada

Finance & International Business | Waseda University, Japan

"Studying abroad will allow me to get in touch with my roots and heritage. To expand and improve my International Business skills, make connections, and grow both professionally and personally."

Blog: https://deranyamada.wixsite.com/deraninjapan