Message From the Chair

21st-century organizations operate within global networks of customers, suppliers, competitors, and regulations. Information is the lifeblood of these networks, and effective information management is essential to a firm's success. IT creates entrepreneurial and strategic opportunities as well as challenges in this environment. Managers must be able to evaluate new technologies, wisely invest in IT innovations, implement and manage applications, and use IT-enabled business processes to manage change.

Our mission is to prepare our graduates to excel in this technology-intensive world. We offer an undergraduate major in Management Information Systems, as well as concentrations in the MBA amd PhD programs in Business Administration and Communication & Information SciencesOur curriculum consists of: the core knowledge (MIS, systems analysis and design, data systems, and programming techniques), the competitive edge (project management, business intelligence and data analytics, the mobile economy with apps development, networking and security), and the bridge to the business and industry through internships and workshops. The US Department of Labor, US News and World Report, CIO, and many other sources all predict strong demand in ITM-related jobs in 2015 and, at least in the next decade.

Our faculty is known internationally for contributions to research and practice. We invite you to learn about our educational programs, research and through our website. Please contact me for any questions you may have.

Tung Bui, PhD, Chair, Department of Information Technology Management