Majoring in MIS

All firms in every type of industry -- large or small, for-profit or not-for-profit -- rely on information systems and technologies for ongoing operations and future growth. Designing and managing information flows within and between firms and their customers is critical in today’s business enterprise. The Internet and other information technologies also create entrepreneurial opportunities for new or existing firms. (Many of today’s leading firms grew rapidly from IT innovation.)

The Management Information Systems (MIS) major learns how to analyze opportunities for business change and growth using information technologies (IT), to design and develop business solutions that utilize IT, and to manage projects to implement IT-related change. The MIS major offers students the flexibility to focus course work on business analysis, project management, or technical design in a data-centric economy.

MIS majors are prepared for careers in project management, business analysis, networking, system architecture and design, and technical support. MIS majors are prepared to work as in-house information systems staff, as consultants for information systems and accounting firms, as independent contractors, and as business entrepreneurs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts increasing job grow for MIS-related careers. Money Magazine rated software engineering (an aspect of MIS) to be the best job in the world thanks to high salaries, job variety, and other working conditions.

MIS Double Majors

Computing is now pervasive in corporations, and people who are skilled in computing are very attractive to employers. Because of the tremendous impact information technology continues to have across all areas of business, students are encouraged to pursue a double major in MIS and other business areas. The double major prepares students to become a liaison between the MIS and functional area departments or to become the technology expert in a department. In addition, the double major prepares students to be on the cutting edge of advancements in areas like marketing and finance. Fruitful double majors are MIS/Accounting, MIS/Marketing, and MIS/Finance, and MIS/Management (Human Resources, Strategies, Innovation)

Laptop Requirement

Incoming MIS majors are required to have a laptop computer they can bring to class for hands-on work. If you do not have a laptop, contact the ITM Department at 956-7430 to see if we can work something out until you can get a laptop of your own. The Department has a number of software licences available to ITM students.