2016-2017 Johnson Scholars

Fall 2016 Scholars

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Cody Alexander

Finance | Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

“By pursuing a degree in Finance, I hope to learn more about European exchanges and governmental policies that fuels economics. This experience will supply knowledge and insight I plan to use in my future business ventures.”

Blog: http://codykentaro.tumblr.com

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Sarah Park

Accounting & International Business | Keio University, Japan

“One of my goals for studying abroad is to solidify my Japanese language skills. The international experience will help me learn professional Japanese language skills that I would need if I work with Japanese companies in the future.”

Blog: https://sarahinkeio.wordpress.com/

Spring 2017 Scholars

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Thomas Blanco

Marketing & International Business | Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

“I am grateful for the opportunity to explore diverse business practices, experience different cultures, and meet new people. Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I look forward to not only learning more about the world, but more about myself as well.”

Blog: http://thomasblancoabroad.tumblr.com/

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Jheanelle Kae Garvida

Finance | International College of Seville, Spain

“Studying abroad in Seville will allow me to immerse myself in the culture I have long admired whilst achieving my goals. This opportunity will enable me to enhance my Spanish speaking skills, learn about the country and broaden my perspective on the diversity of business.”

Blog: http://tosevillewego.weebly.com/

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Sanghun (Bruce) Ham

Management Information Systems | International College of Seville, Spain

“As an international student from South Korea, experiencing the Spanish culture will make my multicultural skills stronger for my business career. By the time the program is over, I feel it will have provided worthwhile experiences that will enhance my future career.”

Blog: http://bruceyham.blogspot.com/

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Alissa Kelly

Accounting | University of Tubingen, Germany

“Studying abroad in Germany will provide me with intangible life skills that I could not learn out of any textbook. I look forward to growing as a student, entrepreneur and as a person through this once in a lifetime experience.”

Blog: http://alissaindeutschland.weebly.com/

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Emma Moore

Marketing | Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

“I used to worry that going to college would prevent me from reaching my dreams of traveling the world. Thanks to international exchange, I can fulfill these nomadic dreams and get a higher education at the same time, fully equipping myself for the future.”

Blog: https://earth2emma.wordpress.com/