Core Curriculum

MBA Curriculum and Tracks

The program consists of 48 total credit hours, of which 27 are required for core courses and 21 for electives. All prerequisites must be met for both core and elective courses unless otherwise approved by the instructor and the Master Programs Director.

*For students admitted prior to Fall 2017 the following courses would fulfill the Core requirements:

BUS 619 – BUS 621 & 628

BUS 620 – BUS 622 & 627

BUS 625 – BUS 630 & 631

MBA Core Required Courses

BUS 619 - Data Analytics and Statistics for Business (3)

Data analytical and statistical tools for the MBA with emphasis on descriptive and predictive quantitative analytical methods, including time series and regression. Repeatable unlimited times. MBA majors only. Graduate students only. A-F only.

BUS 620 - Micro- and Macro-economic Foundations for Managers (3)

Applications of micro- and macro-economic principles to managerial decisions. Microeconomics focuses on economic foundations of business strategies. Macroeconomics focuses on the external economic environment including regulatory and international trends and issues. Admission to MBA program. A-F only. Pre: MBA math and economics tutorials, or equivalents; or consent. 

BUS 623 - Marketing Management (3)

Concepts and issues in marketing within the global environment of business. Ethical dimensions and social responsibilities; market research; consumer segmentation and positioning. Strategic marketing planning. A-F only.

BUS 624 - Accounting for Decision-Making (3)

Accounting tools for business professionals focusing on the role of accounting information in capital markets, managerial decision-making and corporate governance. A-F only. Pre: Accounting tutorial; or consent.

BUS 625 - Digital Transformation with Information Systems and Technology (3)

Practices, techniques, and tools for managing digital innovation in markets, firms, and enterprise systems through information technologies and applications. Repeatable unlimited times. MBA majors only. Graduate students only. A-F only. Pre: 621 and 622 or 619 and 620; or consent.

BUS 626 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior (3)

Personal leadership and communications development and the contributions of the behavioral sciences to understanding human behavior in organizations with a focus on leading organizations in times of change. A-F only.

BUS 629 - Managerial Finance (3)

Financial management theories and tools for business professionals; asset management; capital budgeting; capital structure and dividend policies. A-F only. Pre: 621, 622 and 624 or 619, 620 and 624; or consent.

BUS 632 - Business Policy and Strategy (3)

Integration of learning through analysis of comprehensive business problems, resolution of policy issues, and the study of competitive strategies in the international setting. Pre: MBA core courses completed or taken concurrently; or consent.

BUS 696 - MBA Consulting Practicum (3)

Final MBA requirement for those candidates not writing a thesis. Candidates will form consulting teams to perform a meaningful, strategic study for a client organization. Pre: 632 and completion of at least 12 elective credits; or consent.