Students enroll in elective courses that will enhance their professional and personal goals. Students take 21 credits of elective courses to customize their MBA program to fit their needs. The final course in the MBA program is the MBA Consulting Practicum where students perform a consulting project for a local area business.

Below is a list of possible electives that have been offered in the past. Please note that not every class will be offered every semester. Many electives are only offered during the Fall or Spring semesters. For a list of what will be offered during a specific semester, please see your Academic Advisor in Shidler G-202 or refer to UH Manoa's Class Availability webpage.

MBA Elective Courses

FIN 625 - International Monetary Systems and Global Financial Markets (3)

Practical finance and banking skills necessary to handle major debt, equity, foreign exchange, derivative and commercial real estate market transactions. Pre: BUS 629 or consent.

FIN 634 - Investment Analysis and Management (3)

Techniques of security analysis, theories of investment, and the analysis of investment decisions related to portfolio planning. Pre: BUS 629 or consent.

FIN 635 - (Alpha) Advanced Topics in Finance (3)

Major current financial issues and problems. (C) Japanese financial management; (D) portfolio management theory; (F) stocks, bonds, and modern instruments. Pre: BUS 629 or consent.

FIN 641 - Entrepreneurial Finance (3)

Assessment of financial needs, arranging venture financing, assessing value to the entrepreneur and the investor(s), financial aspects of strategic planning, analyzing the tradeoffs between alternative financing choices and flexibility and control, harvesting the investment. Pre: BUS 629 or consent.

ITM 660 - Current Topics in Information Systems (3)

Selected current practices and trends in decision sciences and MIS. May be repeated with change in topic. Pre: BUS 630 and BUS 631, or consent.

ITM 685 - Electronic Commerce (3)

Overview and discussion of the latest developments in e-commerce, hardware and software developments to support e-commerce, cases studies of successes and failures, and e-commerce applications with special emphasis on developing countries in Asia. A-F only. Pre: BUS 630 or consent. (Once a year)

MGT 650 - Management Topics (3)

In-depth analysis of selected current practices and trends in administration. May be repeated four times with change in topic. Pre: consent.

MGT 660 - Negotiation (3)

Theory and practice of negotiation. Exploration of appropriate strategies, tactics, and communication techniques. Study of dyadic multi-party, cross-cultural, and assisted negotiations.

MGT 670 - (Alpha) International Management and Industrial Relations (3)

Selected topics in international management and industrial relations: (B) Chinese management systems; (C) Japanese management systems; (D) management of multinational corporations; (F) contemporary issues in international business foreign direct investment; (G) cross-cultural communication in international business; (H) interactive strategies in Asian culture; (I) international human resource management; (J) international joint ventures; (K) international management of technology; (M) Korean management systems; (N) multinational corporation and environmental issues; (O) strategy of the multinational corporation; (P) international transfer of technology. Repeatable four times. Pre: consent.

MKT 656 - Creativity in Marketing (3)

Thought processes that relate to creativity. Through a series of exercises, students experience enriched creativity and enhanced communication skills. Pre: BUS 623 or consent.

MKT 658 - Digital Marketing Management (3)

Examines digital marketing’s role in new product development; direct sales; marketing communications via the internet, social media, and mobile devices; and digital tools such as online tracking and analysis. Real activities provide opportunities for application. A-F only. Pre: BUS 623 or consent. (Fall only)

MKT 690 - Advanced Seminar in Marketing (3)

Significant topics, problems in marketing. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: BUS 623 or consent.

RE 674 - Real Estate Investment Analysis (3)

Development of strategic business plans for the optimization of a firm's real property assets. Includes facilities utilization audits, contingency planning, and the impact of new techniques.