Russell Kaya, MHRM '07

HR Specialist, Employment Coordinator
Finance Factors, Ltd.


"The MHRM program opened doors for me that I never knew existed. The experience you gain and the people you meet are superb. Shidler has the most organized and relevant HR programs in the state."

Lee Higa, MHRM '05

Management and Program Analyst

"Prior to enrolling in the MHRM Program, all of my HR experience was learned on the job and limited to my workplace. One of the greatest assets of the program is that assignments, projects, and discussions are based on the work experiences of the participants. This allows you to focus on projects that will benefit you and your workplace and discuss topics as they affect you with perspectives from other HR professionals. You also have the opportunity to learn from your peers and gain insight on the operation and design of other organizations here in Hawaii and throughout the world."

Kimberly Iezza Miyashiro, MHRM '09

Human Resources Manager
Remedy Intelligent Staffing


"The professors and lecturers in this program are really top notch. They cover both the theoretical ideals and practical realities of the profession, which provides program graduates and the opportunity to become leads in the filed. They teach us to effect change by implementing best practices that will improve morale and productivity."

Royanne Mukaisu, MHRM '09

Human Resources Coordinator
Remedy Intelligent Staffing


"The MHRM has been a great opportunity to meet and associate with both advances and upcoming professionals in the field. Our diverse backgrounds and personalities have given me more insight on how to add value to my organization and professional development. It has been an enriching experience to network and learn from others who are looking to advance the HR profession."

Kristi Inkinen, MHRM '04

Remedy Intelligent Staffing


"After making the difficult decision to return back to school to further my education in 2002, I was please to discover the newly created MHRM program at the University of Hawaii and was honored to be a member of the first graduating cohort class. The MHRM program gave me the extensive human resources knowledge to be successful as an HR professional in the staffing industry. The accelerated timeframe of the program with evening and weekend class schedules accommodates my work priorities perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better Master’s program!"

Karen Oshiro, MHRM '04

Human Resource Manager
Miliilani Town Association


"I would encourage anyone who would like to see the best return on their investment to enroll in the MHRM program at the university. Intellectual capital will be the ticket to better opportunities and rewards. My goal was to enhance my contribution to the organization and to be better equipped in mentoring the next generation of Human Resource professionals. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking to make a difference whether in themselves or their careers."

Leland Nye, MHRM '09

Management Executive
Hawaiiana Management Company

"The MHRM really caters toward working professionals. The night and weekend classes allowed me to work and go to school full-time. The MHRM staff is very distinguished and the professors have many years of hands-on work experience and shared many of their work experiences to the students which helped in the learning process. The course selection was very diverse and touched on almost every aspect of human resource management. I feel fortunate to be a part of this program."

Jill Brockett, MHRM '09

Corporate Recruiter
Bank of Hawaii


"The Masters in Human Resource Management program at the University of Hawaii, Shidler College of Business afforded me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of many facets of the Human Resources field. The cohort structure provided me with excellent networking opportunities and valuable resources which will benefit me throughout my career."

Christie Fukumae, MHRM '07

Human Resources Assistant
Bank of Hawaii


"I achieved a well-rounded HR education, by having professors who were experts in their fields, classmates with extensive HR backgrounds, and through the collaborated hands-on projects. I also made life-long friendships and colleagues through this program."

Kim Brooks, MHRM '07

Internship and Career Placement Coordinator
School of Travel Industry Management (TIM), University of Hawaii


"Graduate school was not originally part of my career plans but after learning about the MHRM program I quickly reconsidered. What I value the most though is the connections I've made and the career support I've received from classmates since graduating from the program. The Master of Human Resource Management degree has truly provided both personal and professional growth for me, and it's led me to the rewarding position I am in now at the University of Hawaii."

Isaac Kaopua, OD, MHRM '07

Aloha EyeCare


"Why would a self-employed optometrist go back to school to get a Master’s in Human Resource Management? For me, it was a professional necessity. Understanding the diverse aspects of human resources is critical to running any successful business. The MHRM program helped me to create my first employee handbook. It gave me greater confidence handling human resource issues and the knowledge gives me greater peace of mind to run my business. I recommend this program to all business owners, no matter how small."