BBA in Marketing

In the U.S. today, over 25 percent of all non-military workers are involved in marketing activities. These activities include such exciting and dynamic fields as Sales, Advertising, Consumer Behavior Research and Public Relations. If you enjoy working with people, and if you're looking for a career in the challenging world of business, then a degree in Marketing may just be right for you.

Definition and Scope

The field of Marketing discovers the needs and wants of people and creates products and services to satisfy those needs and wants. Therefore, Marketers are involved in:

  • Research - finding out what people want and need
  • Creation - developing new products
  • Delivery - finding ways to get the products to customers efficiently and effectively
  • Communication - informing customers regarding new and established products

Careers in Marketing

Described below are some of the major Marketing fields and examples of job positions within each field.

  • Product/Brand Management (Product Manager, Brand Manager, Packaging Specialist, Pricing Specialist, Promotions Specialist)
  • Advertising/Public Relations (Account Executive, Copywriter, Art or Media Specialist, Media Buyer, Marketing Researcher)
  • Distribution (Traffic or Distribution Manager, Logistics Specialist)
  • Marketing Research (Marketing Researcher, Consultant, Analyst)
  • Sales (Professional salesperson in retail, wholesale or individual sales. Account, District, Regional, National Sales Manager)
  • Retail Management (Buyer, Department, Branch, Store Manager, Merchandiser, Sales Director/Manager, Promotions Specialist)

Major Requirements

Marketing Course Requirements (15 credit hours, all with "C-" or better)

  • MKT 311
  • MKT 321 (may be taken for those students who double major in marketing and management)
  • MKT 391
  • Any two of the following:
    MKT 331, 332, 341, 351, 352, 361, 362, 363, 372, 381, 410, 411.

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