Shidler College of Business students receive a tour of the headquarters of Japan Airlines in Tokyo.

Asian Field Study program merges education, culture and business

Shidler business students visit five Asian cities to experience global business first hand.

Students from the Shidler College of Business Asian Field Study Program recently returned from a successful three-week tour of Asia, which included stops in Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing, Hanoi and Seoul.  The primary goal of this program is to prepare students for careers and business opportunities in the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.

The faculty-led group of 20 undergraduate and graduate students visited global multinational companies such as Nissan, Japan Airlines, Nestle, NBA China and Kyland Technologies, as well as high-growth new ventures in China’s ride share sector and Vietnam’s food service industry. 

“As a business professional in Hawaii, I returned from the trip with a clear understanding on how I need to modify my business to better meet the needs of our international tourists, while also catering to our local customers as well,” Emily Bertino, MBA student. “I now possess a deeper appreciation of culture and business practices in Japan, China, Vietnam, and South Korea, and feel as though this trip was an essential and invaluable part of my MBA.”

According to Asian Field Study Program Director Ben Bystrom, “To develop Hawaii into an Asia-Pacific hub for business and tourism, it is critical for our students to gain in-country experience with the language, cultural and business skills necessary to succeed.  This program gets students out of the classroom to interact with and learn from leading corporate executives throughout the region”

The UH Shidler College of Business' Asian Field Study (AFS) is one of the top global business field study programs focusing on Asia-Pacific. The program takes a group of undergraduate and graduate students on a tour through Asia to visit companies, government agencies and cultural sites. The objective is to prepare students from around the world for careers and business opportunities in the dynamic Asia-Pacific region. Moreover, the program works to improve relations between countries in the region through increased education and communication.

2018 Asian Field Study