Become a Chartered Financial Analyst with a CFA Institute Scholarship

Download the CFA Scholarship Supplemental Information Form


Scholarships available only for NEW candidates planning on sitting for the LEVEL I CFA exam.


Dr. Rosita Chang, Dr. David Hunter, and the Hawaii Chapter of CFA Institute, will be sponsoring your scholarship.

  • Completion of the attached application form
  • Successful completion of FIN 311/FIN 634
  • Receipt of a bachelor’s degree NO LATER than December 31, 2017
  • Having a 3.75 GPA, or above, in your major
  • Submission of an application and a Statement of Career Goals, and
    • enrollment in FIN 490D in Spring of 2016

$350.The CFA Institute covers registration for CFA Exam Program and enrollment for the June 2017 Level I exam. (Current cost for the Program is between $1,310-$1,730.)


Contact Dr. Rosita Chang or Dr. David Hunter immediately regarding your interest in applying. The application deadline is December 17, 2016.

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General Comments on CFA Designation and CFA Exams

CFA is a global brand and is the GOLD standard for investment professionals. The study materials are all state-of-the-art theories and practices in investment field.

Some statistics for the June 2015 Exam:

  • there were a total of 137,791 candidates from 144 countries
  • 25% of the candidates signed up for the exam but did not sit (e.g. no shows)
  • Pass rate (based on candidates taking the exam):
    • 43% at Level I
    • 46% at Level II
    • 54% at Level III

CFA Level I Exam Topics:

  • Ethical & Professional Standards (15%)
  • Investment Tools: (49%)
    • Economics (10%)
    • Quantitative Analysis (12%)
    • Financial Statement Analysis (27%)
  • Asset Valuation (29%)
  • Portfolio Management (7%)

Tips for Success:

  • Study the original source – as assigned in each Study Session.
  • Use review materials as backup and NOT as the ONLY studying material.
  • Complete all the problems and write out explanations on ALL learning outcome statements (LOS) in each of the 18 Study Sessions. Research has shown that if you prepare your own study notes, you will retain about 60% of the materials you studied; only 15-25% material will be retained if you use other people’s notes.
  • Study consistently. We would recommend studying between 10-15 hours per week starting from January for each of the 18 study sessions. In May, study 20-25 hours per week for review of concepts, etc.
  • It is important that you study the right way for Level I. Do not take short cuts. This will be your basis for success for futures levels. In fact, many of the materials on Level II overlap with Level I.