Upcoming HICSS-49 at Grand Hyatt, Kauai, Jan 5-8, 2016 HICSS.ORG

The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) provides an unique and highly interactive environment for researchers to exchange perspectives and ideas in various areas of information, computer, and system sciences. With its leaders (Chairs, Track Chairs, Minitrack Chairs, Chairs of symposia, workshops and tutorials), and in particular more than 5,000 authors and reviewers, HICSS is one of the largest active scientific communities in the MIS, CIS, IT-related and system sciences disciplines. This year, HICSS receives over eleven-hundred papers and approximately 50% were accepted and will be presented at HICSS-49 to be held at Grand Hyatt Kauai, Hawaii on January 5-8, 2016.

HICSS-49 features 10 research tracks, 38 symposia, workshops and tutorials (SWT), and two keynotes by Geoffrey Mackellar, Emotiv Inc. and Gilman Louie, Alsop-Louie Partners, respectively on scientific contextual EEG and business applications, and on venture capital and disruptive technologies. 

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