Hybrid Online and Offline BUS 310 for Summer 2017

ITM Department is offering a 6-week intensive course on Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions (BUS 310) in Summer Session I (05/22-06/30). This class is set up to give the student the flexibility of an online course coupled with the structure and motivation of traditional in-classroom lectures. The course is team taught with the online workshops led by Dan Port and the in-class lectures given by award-winning master instructor Chris Rachal.

In this class, students will:

  • Learn to "think differently" about how data can be used to assist in solving business problems,
  • Improve your recognition of statistical aspects within a problem and to better know when assistance is needed,
  • Acquire skills using EXCEL to be able to perform sophisticated data analyses for business problems,
  • Learn to communicate statistical results in a clear concise manner.

The course covers the same material as the full semester BUS 310 and can be used to satisfy the Shidler statistics course requirement. It is open to Shidler students, pre-Business students, and non-Shidler college students of any major or students visiting from another university.

Further inquiries, please contact

  • Chris Rachal (rachal@hawaii.edu)
  • Dan Port (dport@hawaii.edu)


NOTE: BUS 310 with traditional in-classroom lectures only will be offered in Summer Session II (07/03-08/11).