Professor Dana Alden introduces interactive program to Improve patient/doctor interaction

Supported with funds from the Keck Foundation, Professor Alden has recently published two papers in leading health care journals: Social Science & Medicine (2013) and Medical Decision Making (2014). His research team is developing culturally sensitive tools designed to improve decision making between patients and their health care providers.

Alden says patient decision aids will help improve health care in Hawai‘I by familiarizing patients with preference sensitive treatment options; enabling to clarify values related to alternative treatments; providing feedback to providers on patients and providers; and increasing patient satisfaction and compliance with prescribed treatment.

According to Alden, this decision aid tool can be tailored to any Asia-Pacific culture.

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Dana Alden completed his Ph.D. in international business with an emphasis on culture and consumer psychology in 1990 at the University of Texas Austin. Prior to his PhD studies, Professor Alden worked as a manager in the Charitable Trust Department of Hawaiian Trust and served as the first Executive Director of the Straub Foundation.  Since joining the University of Hawai‘i, Professor Alden has focused on cross-cultural marketing communications, global branding and health care.  His current research examines issues related to patient-physician decision making, patient decision aids and culture. He recently received a grant from the Keck Foundation to support his research in this area. Professor Alden’s studies appear in leading journals such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Journal of Advertising, Health Communication and Social Science & Medicine. He also regularly consults on health communication and service delivery strategies in East and Southeast Asia. Recently, he had the privilege of serving as chief international consultant on a successful, multiple year reproductive health clinic franchising project for Marie Stopes International and The Atlantic Philanthropies in Vietnam.