Bowha Kang


Graduate Assistant at the Shidler College of Business Fiscal Office

Reason For Attending Shidler

I chose to attend Shidler because it is the best business school in Hawaii and the college also offered various scholarships. The college also made it easy for me to transition from an undergraduate majoring in accounting to a graduate student in the Master's of Accounting program at UH Manoa.

Favorite Class

My favorite class has been Negotiations because it is an important skill set to develop and can be applied to our everyday situations. Although I was the only MAcc student among MBA students enrolled in the course, it gave me the opportunity to practice different strategies and communication techniques by role playing in various scenarios.


Shidler has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual while providing me with the appropriate tools to excel in a classroom setting and by providing opportunities to help develop myself as an accounting professional. During my years at Shidler, I have met many great people that made a positive impact on my life and as I enter the business world I look forward to giving back to the college as a professional.

Bowha Kang

Honolulu, Hawaii

Graduation Year


Previous Degree(s)
  • BBA in Accounting and International Business, BA in Korean Language