Scholarship Luncheon

Scholarship Luncheon (2013)


Welcome to Shidler College of Business 2013 Annual Scholarship Luncheon.

Today I’m honored to preside over a luncheon that celebrates the gift of education. For many of our students, today’s event is an opportunity to personally thank their scholarship donors and to share their personal and academic achievements. For the donors, they are given an opportunity to connect with their scholarship recipients.

This tradition began as a breakfast event in 2007 with a little more than 40 participants. Since then, the Shidler Scholarship Luncheon has grown steadily and now welcomes 220 guests. This growth indicates just how far the College has come and how many lives we have changed.

Through the generous support of our donors, we are awarding $1 million in scholarships to over 200 of our best and brightest students from all over the world.

To me, this is by far the best investment in transforming lives. Every student we help today, will help their families become stronger, affect our communities, and perhaps one day change the world we live in.

In the following pages, we have listed our scholarships with the names of the scholarship recipients for the 2013-2014 academic year. It’s an amazing list that all of you should be proud of.

Please enjoy your time together and thank you again for your generous support of our students.


Vance Roley
Dean, UH Shidler College of Business