Governance at the School of Accountancy

The School of Accountancy (SOA) is led by the SOA Director (see Director's message) and a faculty committee structure within the SOA. The curriculum committee is often divided into subcommittees by subject area or an examination of skills needed by the students. Other SOA committees include the department personnel committee (DPC), MAcc recruitment and admissions, Scholarships, SOA advancement fund management, and Strategic Planning.

The SOA Advancement Fund (held at the UH Foundation) enriches faculty development for teaching and research, supports the student clubs in accounting, and enables SOA to ensure student access to important professional and academic databases.  SOA appreciates the support of its many alumni and friends, including the visionary gifting of Jay Shidler. SOA's Alumni and Friends are encoraged to join the SOA Director's Circle.

SOA's Advisory BOard

The SOA's Advisory Board is composed of leading accounting, business, and financial professionals. It's webpage  lists the members and provides background information. Partners of accounting firms and alumni are well represented on the Advisory Board.


SOA engages in periodic external and internal assessment. The SOA Advisory Board helps guide and assess SOA and its educational offering to ensure a current rigorous accounting curriculum.  SOA also participates in the internal assessment conducted by the college, such as for AACSB accreditation.

Sometimes, SOA also meets with the recruiters of our students to gather feedback and further strengthen our programs. SOA also periodically meets with accounting faculty through-out the UH system to help students make a seemless transition within the UH system.

Basic Learning Goals for the MAcc 

  • Students are able to use accounting information as a basis for decision-making
  • Students effectively research accounting and tax issues
  • Students are able to discuss the theoretical foundations of accounting (demand, institutional settings, uses)
  • Students are able to communicate effectively orally and in writing