Research Seminars at SOA by Academic Visitors

An active research workshop agenda is maintained at SOA. (A separate page illustrates professional speakers at SOA). Academic visitors leading research seminars have included the following:

Seminars completed or anticipated in 2018-2019

Seminars conducted in 2017-2018:​

Seminars conducted in 2016-2017:

  • Devan Mescall, University of Saskatchewan, presented "How IFRS Adoption Changed the Pay-Performance Sensitivity in CEO Compensation Contracts: Evidence from Canadian Firms," 
  • Vern Richardson, Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas, presented "Bulls and Bears: Disagreement and Trading Volume around News Announcements.
  • Adam Vitalis, Univ. of Waterloo., presented "A dollar for a tree or a tree for a dollar? The behavioral effects of measurement basis on CSR investment decision."
  • Brent GarzaDoctoral Candidate in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, presented "When Do Professional Judgment Evaluation Processes Improve Audit Quality? An Interactive Experiment."
  • Tu Xu, Doctoral candidate in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, presented "Do Investors Over-Anticipate? Evidence from Their Reactions to Gain and Loss Contingencies."
  • Jake Rose, Victoria University of  Wellington New Zealand, presented "When Should Audit Firms Introduce Analyses of Big Data into the Audit Process?"
  • Ania Rose, Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand, presented Is "There Really a Slippery Slope? The Effects of Minor Indiscretions and Tone at the Top on Misreporting Behavior."
  • Lin Cheng, University of Arizona, presented "Tone Emphasis."
  • Sudipta Basu, Temple University, presented "Director Liability Reduction Laws and Conditional Conservatism."

Seminars conducted in 2015-2016:

  • Ferdinand Gul, Monash University in Malaysia, presented “Agency Costs of Free Cash Flow and the CEO Pay-Performance Relationship."
  • Mohammad Abdolmahammadi, Bentley University, presented "Correlates of External Quality Assessment and Improvement Programs in Internal Auditing: A Study of 68 Countries."
  • Jeff Callen, Previously of University of Toronoto in Canada, presented "Testing the Transparency Implications of Mandatory IFRS Adoption: The Spread/Maturity Relation of Credit Default Swaps."
  • Dawn Matsumoto, University of Washington, presented "Firm-Manager Matching and the Costs and Benefits of Hiring an Accounting Expert CFO."
  • Bharat SarathRutgers Business School, Editor-in-Chief of JAAF,  presented "Audit Quality within Adverse Selection Markets."

Seminars conducted in 2014-2015:

  • Asheq Rahman, Auckland University of Technology in Australia, presented “Twitter Based Investor Recognition of Corporate Announcements.”
  • Min-Jeng Shiue and Hsiao-Lun, National Taipei University, presented “The effect of different merger strategies on hospital efficiency—Evidence from Taiwan hospitals.” 
  • Tawei (David) Wang, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (now at DePaul University), presented “8-K Filings, Twitter Activities and Market Reactions.”
  • Elaine Mauldin, University of Missouri, presented “Do Audit Committees Respond to Industry-Level Competitive Risks? Evidence from Internal Control Material Weaknesses and Accruals Quality
  • Charles Shi, National University of Singapore, presented “What Affects Factor Loading Uncertainty and Expected Returns? The Role of Accounting Quality.”
  • Sudipta Basu, Temple University, presented “The Role of Multiple Impairment Indicators in Conditional Conservatism.”

Seminars conducted in 2013-2014:

  • Asheq Rahman, Massey University in New Zealand, presented “Reporting and Measurement Inconsistencies, and Composition, and the Relevance of Non-GAAP Earnings of Red Chip Companies.”
  • Diana Criclivaia, Moldova State University in Moldova and Fullbright Scholar at the University of Michigan, presented “Needs, Realities, and How to Move Forward: The Difference in Collecting Tax Culture of Moldova and the USA.”
  • Bharat Sarath, Rutgers University, presented “Effects on Audit Market Shares: BIG-4 Pricing Strategies or Non BIG-4 Market Power?”
  • Yoshiaki Jinnai, Tokyo Keizai University in Japan, presented “The Significance of the Concept of Capital in Theorizing about Historical Development of Corporate Accounting.”
  • David J. Johnstone, University of Sydney in Australia, presented “The Effect of Information on Uncertainty and the Cost of Capital.”
  • Mary Curtis, University of North Texas, presented “Intention to Champion Innovation: A Study of Intrapreneurship in Organizations.”
  • Carla Wilkin, Monash University in Australia, presented “Towards a Reference Ontology for Enterprise Governance of IT.”
  • UH-SOA held a symposium on current issues in accounting and auditing, professors from Japan included: Toshifumi Takada, Tohoku University; Takashi Shimizu, Tokyo University; Takashi Hashimoto, Aoyama Gakuin University; Mikiko Watabe, Fukushima National College of Technology; and Hiroko Inokuma, Tohoku University.