SOA has great resources within the School, Shidler College of Business, the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, and the greater accounting professional community within Honolulu and the state of Hawaii. Major resources include extensive scholarships and business night awards, dynamic student clubs, easy access to professional standards, enriching research database access, and valuable college resources including career placement help. Separate web-pages describe the SOA classroom facilities at Shidler, Placement for SOA MAcc alumni and current and former students of the Ph.D. program, and links to accounting organizations in Hawaii.

Extensive Scholarships and Awards

The Shidler College of Business and the professional accounting communities in Hawaii have partnered to offer many scholarships to encourage students to continue to pursue an accounting education. Additionally, each spring many Business Night awards are presented to leading students.

Dynamic Student Clubs

Student clubs, such as Accounting Club and Beta Alpha Psi, further develops the future accounting professional. Both clubs work together on certain events, such as the annual "Glimpse Into the Future" Conference (AGIF), held on Veterans Day or a nearby Saturday. AGIF provides dynamic speakers and panels on current issues for accountants. For example, Blane Ruschak, Executive Director of University Relations and Recruiting for KPMG (MAcc 1982), has frequently spoken at the AGIF.

National recognition is regularly received by UH-Mānoa student clubs for their extensive professional activities. For example, in 2017, the Accounting Club received one of 12 best student the Institute of Management Accountant (IMA) chapters, and in 2015, the Accounting Club received the IMA's Clark Johnson Achievement Award ($5,000) recognizing an IMA student chapter whose efforts best reflect outstanding leadership.

The Delta Theta chapter of Beta Alpha Psi has achieved "Superior" status from the national organization for many years. Beta Alpha Psi's professional activities include a "Problem Session Seminar" which helps students better understand how accounting studies relate to the real world and features the Oxford-style debate. These student clubs regularly arrange tours of various professional firms in Honolulu.

While the Shidler College has more than a dozen active student clubs, more than 250 current Registered Independent Organizations (RIOs) at UH-Mānoa exist providing leadership development for students, promoting public service, and furthering social, recreational, and cultural interaction among UHM students, faculty, and staff.

Easy Access to Professional Standards

Access to various accounting standards is provided by SOA to its students through the American Accounting Association's academic access to the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) for U.S. GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) and the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Government Accounting Research System (GARS) Online.

Enriching Database Access

Academic accounting resources for SOA students include databases maintained on the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa's Hamilton Library's website, such databases as Checkpoint for tax research, financial databases (Mergent Online and NetAdvantage), and article databases (Lexis-Nexis Academic and ABI-Inform). Hamilton Library provides a wide range of online journals and databases that can support various fields of research. Guidance regarding the library resources for Accounting and Business is available online. For further information, please contact the Hamilton Library Business Librarian David Flynn.

For access to other specialized databases, such as WRDS, Bloomberg, and Thomson Reuters Datastream, please contact the Director of the Shidler College of Business Computer Resources Jon Fujiwara. The University also provides research tools such as statistical software, mathematics & analysis software, and design software. The University of Hawaiʻi Information Technology Services can provide details on the software.

Valuable College Resources

The Shidler College of Business offers various resources for SOA students, such as academic advising, the Pacific Asian Management Institute (PAMI) office which holds various special events during the summer, and The Pacific-Asian Center for Entrepreneurship (PACE) office though which students often compete in a business plan competition. The College also has several Bloomberg terminals.

Internships: Each semester between 40 to 50 accounting students are placed in internships. Undergraduates should contact the Shidler Internship and Career Development Office for additional assistance. This office coordinates the accounting firm recruitment and offers many Professional Development Seminars to complement the seminars provided by the student clubs.

Mentoring occurs through the student clubs, accounting and business professionals at Business Night each spring, and by the Executives in Residence, which usually includes a leading accounting professional.

Additional University Resources

The University of Hawaiʻi offers many advantages besides course offerings in relevant academic fields, such as law, foreign languages, and economics. The University provides an email account and a website for each student (My UH), which helps to inform students of various resources and events at UH-Mānoa. The UH-Information Technology Services provides various tools for a safer computing experience. The Campus Center provides a wide variety of meeting, dining, and entertainment options to enrich campus life and the educational experience, including a Bookstore and University Fitness Center. Various on-campus food & housing options exist.

Various special sources or offices assist students, such as the Libraries, Manoa Career Center, Honors Program, Financial Aid Office, Student Housing, International Student Services, Study Abroad Programs, and Kokua Services. Many extracurricular recreational, cultural, athletics, and learning opportunities exist to enhance one's education, daily life, and safety, and overall health & wellness.

Enlightening Conferences

The SOA is active in creating and overseeing two annual conference. Various faculty are involved in the Hawaii Accounting Research Conference (originating in 2017). The student clubs run the "GLIMPSE into the Future" accounting conference (originating back in 1976).