Visiting Faculty at SOA (since 2015)


Dr. Devan Mescall

Visiting faculty are full-time faculty who join SOA for a semester or year. Additionally, SOA has short-term visitors presenting a research seminar. These visitors and participants in SOA Research workshops often also assist in educating accounting students earning a PhD in Business.

Dr. Mohsen Sharifi, CMA, Ph.D., visited  UH in fall 2017. He has taught accounting and accounting information systems at California State University at Fullerton and Eastern Michigan University over the last four decades. In recent years, he has developed a curriculum for internal audit. He has published articles in such journals as The Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, Information Systems Control Journal, Audit & Control Journal, Journal of Accounting Education, Internal Auditor, Accounting Educator’s Journal, and Internal Auditing. Dr. Sharifi received his Ph. D. from Louisiana State University and his undergraduate degree from the College of Business Sciences, Tehran.  He is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).  

Dr. Devan Mescall visited UH in 2016-2017 from the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.  Professor Mescall's research is focused on multinational taxation and transfer pricing and has been published in top academic journals in accounting including The Accounting Review and Contemporary Accounting Research.  Dr. Mescall collaborated with Shidler faculty on new research initiatives, assisted PhD students and taught a corporate tax course in the undergraduate program.

Visiting faculty from 2015-2016 included Dr. You Xueying from Shanghai Customs College in China and Dr. Masahiro Enomoto from Kobe University in Japan.