Travel Scholarships

Travel Scholarships

Program Requirements

  • Currently enrolled as a Shidler undergraduate student
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Application form with accompaning documents and estimated expense report
  • Interview
  • Attend a mandatory pre-departure briefing
  • Maintain a blog site while abroad
  • Upon return, submit an expense report and a narrative of the study abroad experience
  • Share study abroad experiences as a mentor and/or speaker to future Freeman and Johnson Scholars

How to Apply for Travel Scholarships

  1. Write a Personal Statement

    Candidates must enclose a double-spaced 1-2 page personal statement describing the their academic and career objectives, and the importance of an international experience in relation to meeting those objectives.

  2. Resume

    Candidates should provide a current resume, which includes involvement in student clubs, community service, internships, and work experience.

  3. Academic Plan

    In consultation with their academic advisor, candidates must provide a copy of their academic plan reflecting progress towards graduation, proposed courses they plan to take at their host university, and their projected graduation semester.

  4. STAR Campus Report

    All candidates must provide a University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa STAR campus report reflecting UHM courses, as well as a transfer credit report reflecting courses and grades from other academic institutions in order to be considered. Failure to comply will result in the students’ ineligibility for further review.

  5. Fill Out Travel Expense Report

    Travel Expense Estimates Sheet

    The report will detail how the students plan to use their funds while abroad, including airfare, medical insurance, clothing and personal hygiene items, as well as other obligations. Also included in the report will be any additional funding the student might receive from other scholarships.
  6. Complete Student Scholarship Application Form 

    ​​FALL/SPRING Scholarship Application Form

    SUMMER Scholarship Application Form

    Please access the online application thru the appropriate link above for the semester(s) that you plan on studying abroad.  Be sure to fill in all necessary information and print-out and sign before submitting the application form.

    Incomplete applications will be ineligible for further review. A complete application packet includes Parts 1 through 7.

  7. Submit an Electronic and Hardcopy of the Application and Related Documents

    Hardcopy: Application materials and related documents must be submitted to:

    C/O Rikki Mitsunaga
    Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii at Manoa
    2404 Maile Way, B-101
    Honolulu, HI 96822

    Electronic Copy: Send an electronic version of the application, travel expense sheet, and personal statement to