ITM Alumni Advisory Board


  1. To build and maintain a strong and robust ITM Alumni Network, providing professional and social benefits to all Alumni Network members;
  2. To promote the communication, growth, and shared activities of the ITM alumni, faculty, students and industry partners;
  3. To advise in innovative ITM curriculum development;
  4. To serve as role models for all ITM students;
  5. To assist in all ITM efforts to market and improve its programs.

Board Members:

  1.  Chair: Dwight Nishida, President, High Performance Systems, Inc.
  2. Jason Nagai, Executive Director, Ernst & Young
  3. Aline Tran, Application Support Administrator, Kamehameha School 
  4. Donny Shimamoto, President, IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC
  5. Susan Lam, Information Security Officer, Equifax
  6. Chris Erice, Versatile Technologist, Boeing
  7. Aris Garcia, Technical Program Manager, Facebook
  8. Hong-Mei Chen, Professor, ITM Department