Prasanna Karhade
  • Associate Professor of Information Technology Management
  • Shidler College Faculty Fellow
  • Shirley M. Lee Research Award, 2019-2020
  • Faculty Fellow, Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship


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(808) 956-7681

Academic Background

  • PhD (Illinois)

Research Interests

  1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  2. Digital Platforms and GREAT Economies
  3. Governance and Family Business

Selected Publications


  • Dong, J.Q., Karhade, P., Rai, A. and Xu, S.X. 2021. "How Firms Make Information Technology Investment Decisions: Toward a Behavioral Agency Theory," Journal of Management Information Systems 38(1), pp, 29-58.
  • Karhade, P. and Dong, J. Q. 2021. "Innovation outcomes of the digitally enabled collaborative problemistic search capability," MIS Quarterly 45(2), pp. 693-718. 
  • Karhade, P. and Dong, J.Q. 2021. "Information Technology Investment and Commercialized Innovation Performance: Dynamic Adjustment Costs and Curvilinear Impacts," MIS Quarterly 45(3), pp. 1007-1024. 
  • Dong, J.Q., Karhade, P., Rai, A. and Xu, S.X., 2015. Information Technology and Innovation Outputs: The Missing Link of Search Evolution. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2015, No. 1, p. 13847). Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510: Academy of Management.
  • Dong, J. Q, He, J., and Karhade, P. 2013. "The Penrose Effect In Resource Investment For Innovation: Evidence From Information Technology And Human Capital" (2013). ECIS 2013 Completed Research. Paper 80.
  • Dong, J. Q, Karhade, P.,  Rai, A., and Xu, S. X. 2013. "Information Technology In Innovation Activity Of The Firm: Theory And Synthesis" (2013). ECIS 2013 Completed Research. 76.
  • Dong J.Q., He J., Karhade P. 2012. "Human Capital and Information Technology Capital Investments for Firm Innovation: Curvilinear Explanations". In: Shaw M.J., Zhang D., Yue W.T. (eds) E-Life: Web-Enabled Convergence of Commerce, Work, and Social Life. WEB 2011. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, Vol 108. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg


  • Karhade, P., Kathuria, A., and Konsynski, B. 2021. "When Choice Matters: Assortment and Participation for Performance on Digital Platforms". Proceedings of the 54th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences [HICSS - 54], Hawaii.

  • Dasgupta, A., Karhade, P., Kathuria, A., and Konsynski, B. 2021. "Holding Space for Voices that Do Not Speak: Design Reform of Rating Systems for Platforms in GREAT Economies". Proceedings of the 54th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences [HICSS - 54], Hawaii.

  • Karhade, P. and Kathuria A. 2020. "Missing impact of online ratings on platform participation in India: A call for research in G.R.E.A.T. Contexts," Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Vol 47, Article 19, pp. 364-381.  [Both authors contributed equally.]

  • Kathuria A., Karhade, P., and Konsynski, B. 2020. "In the realm of hungry ghosts: Multi-Level Theory for Supplier Participation on Digital Platforms," Journal of Management Information Systems 37(2), pp. 396-430. [Kathuria A., and Karhade P. are both co-first authors.]

  • Kathuria, A., and Karhade, P. 2019. “You Are Not You When You Are Hungry: Machine Learning Investigation of Impact of Ratings on Ratee Decision Making,” in Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing: The Ecosystem of e-Business: Technologies, Stakeholders, and Connections, edited by J. J. Xu, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.


  • Kathuria, A., Karhade, P., Ning, X., and Konsynski, B. "Blood and Water: IT Investment and Control in Family Owned Businesses," Conditionally Accepted for publication, Journal of Management Information Systems.
  • Ning, X., Khuntia, J., Kathuria, A., and Karhade, P. 2020. "Information Technology Investment, Environmental Hostility, and Firm Performance: The Roles of Family Ownership in an Emerging Economy". Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences [HICSS - 53], Maui, Hawaii.
  • Karhade, P., Subramanyam, R. and Shaw, M.J., 2018, July. "Adaptation of Decision Rules: Responding to Complexity of Information Systems Portfolio Planning". In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2018, No. 1, p. 15499). Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510: Academy of Management.
  • Karhade, P., Shaw, M.J. and Subramanyam, R., 2015. "Patterns in Information Systems Portfolio Prioritization: Evidence from Decision Tree Induction," MIS Quarterly 39(2), pp. 413-433.
  • Susarla, A., Subramanyam, R. and Karhade, P., 2010. "Contractual provisions to mitigate holdup: Evidence from information technology outsourcing," Information Systems Research 21(1), pp.37-55.

Awards & Honors


  • Shirley M. Lee Research Award, Shidler College of Business, 2019-2020.  
  • Invited Guest Speaker, Interdisciplinary Conference on Advances in Communication and Information Sciences, University of Hawai'i, April 24, 2020
  • Dong, J.Q., Karhade, P., Rai, A., Xu, S.X. "IT and Innovation Outputs: The Missing Link of Search Evolution,” Academy of Management, Organizational Communications and Information Systems, Best Paper Runner-up Award 2015.


  • IT Assets and Firm Innovation Output: An Empirical Examination, [PI: Prasanna Karhade. Co-Investigators (Co-Is): Jeevan Jaisingh, Jinyu He, & Arun Rai], 2012-14, HK Research Grants Council (RGC) HKUST #64162: HKD 215,670 
  • Search for Innovation: Integrating the Behavioral Theory of the Firm with Agency-Theoretic Explanations [PI: Prasanna Karhade. Co-Is: John Qi Dong, Arun Rai, Sean Xu Xin, Benjamin Yen], 2018-21, HK RGC HKU #17505018: HKD 717,470 


  • Dean’s Recognition of Excellent Teaching Performance, HKUST, Spring 2013/14, Spring 2014/15 
  • List of Teachers Ranked As Excellent By Their Students, UIUC 2006, 2007


  • Associate Editor: MISQ Special Issue on Digital Resilience 
  • Track Chair: Digital Transformation & Information Systems, Global Conference on Innovations in Management & Business [GCIMB] 2021
  • Associate Editor: Data Analytics for Business and Societal Challenges, International Conference on IS [ICIS] 2021
  • Track Chair: IT Strategy, Leadership and Governance, Pacific Asia Conference on IS [PACIS] 2020