Students, Faculty and Professionals Gain Hands-on Experience in Data Analytics and Visualization Techniques

Classroom full of students

Over 70 students, faculty and business professionals recently completed the college’s second Data Analytics Training Program which ran from February 25 – 26 and March 4 – 5, 2017 at the Shidler College of Business.

Through the “hands-on” sessions, participants gained an overview of data analytics techniques and an introduction to data visualization. Topics covered included cluster analysis, Bayes Law, optimization, regression analysis, visualization and ensemble modeling.

“The program was well received and the feedback from those who attended was very positive,” commented Hamid Pourjalali, director of the Shidler School of Accountancy. “This was a great way for us to provide additional services to our students and community.”

Participants included faculty from UH Mānoa, Kapiolani Community College, and California State University at Fullerton along with 10 graduate students, over 30 undergraduate students. The course was taught by Shidler Professor of Accounting Roger Debreceny and was organized by the Shidler School of Accountancy in collaboration with the UH Manoa Department of Technology Management.

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