Elizabeth J. Davidson

Professor of Information Technology Management
W. Ruel Johnson Distinguished Professor

Academic Background

  • PhD Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MBA Clark University Graduate School of Management
  • BA Mathematics, Clark University

Research Interests

  • Sociotechnical implications of information technologies in organizational settings
  • Health information technology diffusion and assimilation
  • Social media and discourse analysis

Selected Publications

Chiasson, M., Davidson, E., and Winter, J. (2018). Philosophical foundations for informing the future(s) through is research. European Journal of Information Systems. https://doi.org/10.1080/0960085X.2018.143523

Abhari, K., Davidson, E., Xiao, B. (2018). A Risk Worth Taking? The Effects of Risk and Prior Experience on Co-Innovation Participation, Internet Research, https://doi.org/10.1108/IntR-05-2017-0196.

Baird, A., Davidson, E. & Mathiasson, L. (2017). Reflective Technology Assimilation:  Facilitating Electronic Health Record Assimilation in Small Physician Practices, Journal of MIS, 34(3): 664-694.

Abhari, K., Davidson, E. & Xiao, B. (2017). Co-Innovation Platform Affordances: Developing a Conceptual Model and Measurement Instrument, Industrial Management & Data Systems, 117(5): 873-895. (2016 Impact Factor 2.205)

Young, B., Mathiassen, L. and Davidson, E. (2016). Inconsistent and Incongruent Frames during IT-enabled Change: An Action Research into Sales Process Innovation. Journal of the Association of Information Systems (JAIS), 17(7), p. 555-580.

Gogin, J., Davidson, E., and Proudfoot, J. (2016). The Healthcare.gov Project.  Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases. ISSN: 2043-8869, doi:10.1057/jittc.2016.2, p. 1-12.

Davidson, E., Oesterlund, C., and Flaherty, M. (2015). Drift and Shift in the Organizing Vision for Personal Health Records:  An Investigation of Innovation Discourse Dynamics.  Information and Organization. 25(4): p. 191-221.

Barrett, M., Davidson, E., Prabhu, J. and Vargo, S. (2015). Service Innovation in the Digital Age:  Key Contributions and Future Directions.  MIS Quarterly. 39(1). P. 1-20. (Editorially reviewed)

Deng, X. and Davidson, E. (2013). Knowledge Boundaries and Spanning Practices in Configuring Packaged Systems, Journal of IT Case and Application Research (JITCAR), 15:1.

Vaast, E., Davidson, E, and Mattson, T. (2013).  Talking about Technology: The Emergence of a New Actor Category Through New Media.  MIS Quarterly. 37(4): 1069-1092.

Chiasson, M. and Davidson, E. (2012). Reconsidering Deconstruction in Information Systems Research. European Journal of Information Systems. 21(2), p. 192-206.

Oborn, E., Barrett, M., and Davidson, E. (2011). Unity in Diversity: Electronic Patient Record Use in Multidisiplinary Practice. Information Systems Research. 22:3, pp. 547-564.

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Reardon, J. and Davidson, E. (2007). An organizational learning perspective on the assimilation of electronic medical records among small physician practices. European Journal of Information Systems, 16(6): 681-694.

Davidson, E. and Chismar, W. (2007) The Interaction of Institutionally Triggered and Technology-Triggered Social Structure Change: An Investigation of Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), MIS Quarterly. 31(4), pp. 739-758.

Davidson, E. (2006). A Technological Frames Perspective on Information Technology and Organizational Change. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 42:1, 23-39. .

Chiasson, M. and Davidson, E. (2005). Taking industry seriously in IS research. MIS Quarterly, 29:4, pp. 599-606.

Davidson E. and Chiasson M. (2005). Contextual Influences on Technology Use Mediation: A Comparative Analysis of Electronic Medical Record Systems. European Journal of Information Systems, 14:1, pp. 6-18.

Chiasson, M. and Davidson, E., (2004). “Pushing the Contextual Envelope: Developing and Diffusing IS Theory for Health Information Systems Research," Information and Organization, 14:3, p. 155-183.

Davidson, E. (2002). “Technology frames and framing: A socio-cognitive investigation of requirements determination,” MIS Quarterly, 26:4, 329-358


Social science research methods (CIS 703)

Project Management and Change (ITM 680)

Health Informatics and Population Health (ITM 688)

Digital Transformation in Human Resource Management (HRM 687)




Professional Background

Editor in Chief, Information and Organization, 2015 - present

Special issue co-editor, MIS Quarterly, “Service Innovation in the Digital Economy”, 2011-2015

Program Track Co-Chair (Health Information Systems), International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 2015

Division Chair, Organizational Communications and Information Systems (OCIS) Division of Academy of Management, 2013

Program Chair, Organizational Communications and Information Systems (OCIS) Division of Academy of Management, 2011

Program Co-Chair, International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) Working Group 8.2 Conference on Information Technology in the Service Economy, 2008

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University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Shidler College of Business
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Contact Info

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