Asian Finance

The Asian Finance track helps you gain a deeper understanding of financial systems, capital markets, regulatory structure over financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific region, and major policy issues for financial sector reforms. You concentrate on the Asian Finance Track to expand your career opportunities spanning the securities and banking industries in the region as well as in the United States. The University of Hawaii (UH) is the only academic institution in the world that offers Asian Finance at all three levels of academic programs: undergraduate, MBA, and Ph.D. levels.

With your concentration in Asian Finance, you will become an expert in Asian financial issues. As a result, you will find your career opportunities readily available in Asian financial centers, including: Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo. The Asia-Pacific Financial Markets (FIMA) Research Center within the UH Shidler College of Business is a globally recognized academic research institute. The FIMA Research Center works closely with stock/futures exchanges, central banks, brokerage houses, and capital market regulatory agencies in the region.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mitsuru Misawa


Suggested Course Sequence

Semester 1
Course ID Course Title Credits
BUS 310 Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions 3
BUS 311 Information Systems for the Global Business Environment 3
BUS 314 Business Finance 3
  Upper Division Elective 3
  Total Credits 12
Semester 2
Course ID Course Title Credits
BUS 313 Economic and Financial Environment of Global Business 3
BUS 315 Global Management and Organizational Behavior 3
FIN 444 Asian Finance 3
FIN 311 Investments 3
  Total Credits 12
Semester 3
Course ID Course Title Credits
BUS 312 Principles of Marketing 3
FIN 307 Corporate Finance 3
FIN 321 International Finance 3
  Non-Intro or Upper Division Elective 3
  Total Credits 12
Semester 4
Course ID Course Title Credits
BUS 345 Strategic Management 3
  Finance Elective 3
  Total Credits 6

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