Finance Scholarships

The Department of Finance offers the following scholarships to qualified students.

CFA Program Scholarships

CFA Program scholarships are intended to promote awareness of CFA Institute programs and provide access to individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford the full price of CFA programs and exams. Applicants must meet all CFA Program candidate requirements. There are two CFA Program scholarships for which University of Hawai'i students can apply:

Access Scholarships - Access Scholarships provide needs-based scholarship opportunities for those who are unable to afford the full-price of the CFA Program enrollment and registration fees. Each year, over 2,600 Access Scholarships are awarded to CFA Program applicants.

Awareness Scholarships - The University of Hawai'i is a recognized university with the CFA Institute. Only students that are applying for the Level 1 CFA exam may apply for this scholarship. Applications must be submitted to the Finance Department prior to winter break. Scholarship applicants must register for the CFA exam prior to submitting an application and will be notified of their scholarship status in January. Scholarships will be used to reimburse exam expenses that have already been paid.

To learn more, visit the CFA Institute scholarship webpage

Asian Finance Fellowship (Prof. Misawa Fellowship)

The UH Professor Misawa-Honjo International Fellowship encourages Shidler students to study abroad at Japanese universities. Since 2007, the fellowship has been granted $30,000 a year to four recipients at $7,500 each. Credits earned at Japanese universities will be transferred towards a student's degree at UH. The application deadline is October 31st of each year.

2020 is the 14th year of this fellowship. This fellowship has provided $420,000 to 52 UH students to study in Japan. The fund has been provided by the Honjo Foundation, Japan (Ito En, Ltd. Japan).

For the past recipients, see U H  Professor Misawa-Honjo Int. Fellowship Recipients List 2007-2020.

In the past they have studied at Waseda, Keio, Hitotsubashi, Sophia, Oberlin and Ritsumeikan. Recipient students can select any university in Japan.

To learn more, visit or contact Dr. Mitsuru Misawa.

Financial Planning Association of Hawaii Scholarship

The Financial Planning Association of Hawaii awards scholarships to qualified full-time student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Preference is given to students who are on the Financial Services & Planning Track (Certified Financial Planner Track).