3/2 Master of Accounting

The 3/2 MAcc Program is designed for current accounting undergraduate students enrolled at the Shidler College of Business. The minimum requirements for admissions are:

  • Have at least two semesters remaining prior to graduation
    from the BBA program at the Shidler College of Business
  • Have taken at least two upper-division accounting courses
  • Have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.4 (accounting or overall)

No automatic admission is granted if meeting these requirements;
the final admission decision is determined by the SOA admission committee.

Opportunities & Benefits

The 3/2 Program provides the following benefits and opportunities:

  1. No GMAT score is required for admission to the MAcc. Admissions takes place after one's second semester in the Shidler College of Business if one has taken two upper-division accounting courses. A minimum GPA of 3.4 (accounting or overall) is required for admission. (A GMAT score of at least 500 is required for those students whose GPA is less than 3.4 but more than 3.0).
  2. Students can take up to 6 credits toward the MAcc while classified as an undergraduate (and therefore pay undergraduate tuition for these courses).
  3. The 3/2 Program creates a more efficient way to complete your MAcc degree and meet the 150 hour CPA licensing requirement.
  4. Internship credit up to three graduate credit hours is possible, in addition to the three credits of internship while an undergraduate.
  5. Students who are accepted into the 3/2 program will receive their BBA degree upon meeting the undergraduate degree requirements, even if electing not to complete the MAcc.
  6. Since all graduate classes are offered at night, one can also pursue accounting work while finishing the MAcc and meeting the 150 credit-hour requirement for the CPA credential.


  • Enrollment in the MAcc program is possible in either the fall or spring semesters. Complete your application by the appropriate deadline. The deadline is November 1st for the spring semester and May 1st for the fall semester. 


To apply to the 3/2 MAcc Program please follow the instructions on the Master of Accounting Admissions page. Direct inquires to the Graduate Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS):

  • Master Programs Director, Shidler College of Business (G-202)
    Tel: (808) 956-8189
  • For additional information contact, Director of School of Accountancy, Shidler College of Business (C-306)
    email: hamid@hawaii.edu  Tel: (808) 956-5578