SOA MAcc alumni

The Masters of Accounting program is proud to have over 1,000 alumni who span the globe. These outstanding business leaders have found success at all levels of the accounting profession and in every kind of industry imaginable. Below are some testimonials from the MAcc alumni:

  • Mr. Edison Y.Lau, a 2013 English Watt Sells Award recipient and a UH Regents' Scholar, provided the following comments about the MAcc program.
    "I chose the MAcc program because it allowed me to enhance my technical accounting knowledge and research skills. I learned how to use research tools more effectively to interpret and apply the accounting guidance as it pertained to the situation at hand. I also learned how to communicate my ideas more clearly by translating something complex into something easier to understand. These skills are necessary for my job today."  
  • Mr. Matthew Hinton, a Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting, reflects on the MAcc program.
    "The MAcc program helped me differentiate myself in the job market and obtain a position with Pricewaterhouse-Coopers. I passed the CPA Exam using the knowledge and critical thinking skills I gained in the MAcc program. My experience was so positive that I decided to return to Shidler College for the Ph.D. program."
  • Mr. Kyle Oura, Chief Financial Officer& Partner at A&A Senior Living Management, provided the following about his MAcc experience.
    "I was a humanities undergraduate looking to develop technical skills before starting my business career. As a MAcc student, I worked as an accounting intern during the day while taking classes during the evenings and got the most out of the professional development, social and leadership opportunities within the business school. My efforts paid off with an offer to work for a 'Big Four' accounting firm in San Francisco. Having an accounting graduate degree helped differentiate me as a candidate for an analyst position and accelerated my career in commercial real estate investments, development, and entrepreneurship."
  • Dr. Mary Lai Ping Chai, a professor in Accounting at the University of Macau suggests that: "The MAcc program offered interdisciplinary training that awakened my interest in conducting both analytical and empirical research. The learning experience was enriching and inspiring!" 
  • Ms.Terri Fujii, the managing partner with CW Associates and a recipient of the Shidler College of Business Hall of Honor Award, indicated the following about the MAcc program.
    "Having a MAcc degree helped me differentiate myself from the many accounting graduates being pursued by accounting firms. In addition, the three semesters provided the time to study for the CPA exam, continue to learn more about the profession, and interact with professionals from accounting firms. I truly believe that the additional courses, and ultimately a MAcc degree, helped me to pass the CPA exam and obtain a position with Ernst & Young. Finally, because I have a MAcc degree, I can serve as an instructor at the School of Accountancy. To this day, I still emphasize the fact that I have a MAcc degree from the School of Accountancy."