Speaker Series

                                            Shidler Seminars  AY 2015 – AY 2020
Date Name Title Institution Topic
4/30/2021  Joanna Wu  Professor of Accounting  University of Rochester  To be annouced 
4/9/2021  Michael A. Welker  Professor of Accounting  Queen's University  To be annouced 
3/12/2021  W.R. Knechel  Professor of Accounting  University of Florida  To be annouced 
3/5/2021  Kathryn Kadous  Professor of Accounting  Emory University  To be annouced 
1/3/2021  Katherine Schipper  Professor of Accounting  Duke University  What Makes Accounting Research Consequential?
10/9/2020  Brian Bushee  Professor of Accounting  University of Pennsylvania  Co-opetition and the Firm’s Information Environment
9/25/2020  Hongping Tan  Associate Professor of Accounting   McGill University  Corporate Textual Disclosure and Economic Growth 
4/17/2020  Gilles Hilary  Professor of Accounting  Georgetown University  Mandatory Data Breach Disclosure and Insider Trading 
2/21/2020  Xiumin Martin  Professor of Accounting  Washington University in Saint Louis  On the Fast Track: Information Acquisition Costs and Information Production  
11/22/2019  Mark Bradshaw   Professor of Accounting  Boston College  An Examination of the Listing of Analyst Coverage on Corporate Websites 
11/15/2019  Daniel Talyor  Associate Professor of Accounting    University of Pennsylvania   Undisclosed SEC Investigations 
10/21/2019  Ali Hadjarian  Partner  Pwc  "Accounting and Machine Learning" and "Expected Changes in Accounting/Auditing for Hawai'i Companies"  
4/26/2019  Jeffrey Pittman  Professor of Accounting Memorial University of Newfoundland Navigating the Review Process at Major Accounting Journals 
4/19/2019  Shyam Sunder  Professor of Accounting Yale University  Speculation, Money Supply and Price Indeterminacy in Financial Markets: An Experimental Study 
3/29/2019  Sarah McVay   Professor in Accounting   University of Washington   Does a Demise in GAAP Explain the Rise of non-GAAP? 
9/28/2018  Sophia J.W. Hamm  Assistant Professor of Accounting and MIS  Ohio State University  Earnings Guidance, and Stock Price Crash Risk 
9/25/2018 Nhat (Nate) Q. Nguyen  Assistant Professor of Accounting  University of Lowa  Managerial Sentiment and Conditional Conservatism  
9/21/2018  Michael Jung  Assistant Professor of Accounting  NYU  How Transparent are Firms about their Corporate Venture Capital Investments? 
9/7/2018  You-il (Chris) Park  Assistant Professor of Accounting  Nanyang Technological University  Accounting Standards and Predictive Ability of Aggregate Accruals for Economic Growth 
4/6/2018  David Wood  Associate Professor    Brigham Young University  Robotic Process Automation in Public Accounting  
3/2/2018  Gwen Yu  Associate Professor of Accounting  University of Michigan  Managers’ Cultural Background and Disclosure Attributes 
1/22/2018  Jee-Hae Lim  Associate Professor University of Waterloo  Mandatory XBRL Adoption and Credit Default Swap Spreads 
11/3/2017  Mike Drake  Professor of Accounting  Brigham Young University  Is there Information Content in Information Acquisition? 
4/7/2017  Oliver Li  Professor in Sustainability  National University of Singapore   Of Stars and Galaxies – Co-authorship Network and Research 
12/8/2016  Albert Tsang  Associate Professor of Accounting  York University   The Heterogeneity of Media Bias and Analyst Earnings Forecasts  
8/24/2016  Sudipta Basu  Professor of Accounting  Temple University  Director Liability Reduction Laws and Conditional Conservatism 
3/16/2016  Bharat Sarath  Professor of Accounting and Information Systems Rutgers Business School  Audit Quality within Adverse Selection Markets 
2/19/2016  Dawn Matsumoto  Professor in Accounting  University of Washington  Firm-Manager Matching and the Costs and Benefits of Hiring an Accounting Expert CFO  
1/15/2016  Jeffrey Callen  Professor of Accounting   University of Toronto  Testing the Transparency Implications of Mandatory IFRS Adoption: The Spread/Maturity Relation of Credit Default Swaps  
12/4/2015  Mohammad Abdolmohammadi  Professor of Accounting  Bentley University  Correlates of External Quality Assessment and Improvement Programs in Internal Auditing: A Study of 68 Countries 
9/25/2015  Ferdinand A. Gul  Professor of Accounting and Corporate Governance  Monash University Malaysia  Agency Costs of Free Cash Flow and the CEO Pay-Performance Relationship