BBA in Human Resource Management

The major in Human Resource Management is designed to develop skills in the management functions of strategic and human resource planning, compensation, recruitment, training and development, career planning, organiza­tional effectiveness, employee relations, and collective bargaining.

As the business environment faced by companies, large and small, becomes increasingly competitive and complex, management philosophy has changed from one of asset management to one of human resource manage­ment. Still encompassing all of the traditional aspects of personnel and industrial relations, the role of the Human Resource (HR) Manager has vastly expanded. Human Resource Management now includes many integral organi­zational functions not previously considered within this scope of personnel or industrial relations. Among these are joining the strategic planning team in the formulation of strategic business decisions, and acting as both a catalyst and stabilizer to ensure the integrity and continuous development of the organization through its human resources.

Program Objectives

  • The functional aspects of human resource management such as compensation, recruitment, employee training and development, career planning, labor relations, and collective bargaining;

  • The integration of Human Resource planning with the organizational strategic planning process;

  • The development of leadership to implement organizational effectiveness;

  • The management of change and conflict in organizational and labor contacts, as a catalyst to improve operational effectiveness;

  • The legislative realities of federal and state governments including the implementation of new regulations governing the work place

Career Opportunities

All organizations, private and public, large and small, are realizing that employees ought not to be considered a commodity input, but rather as people who supply a resource that gives their organization a distinct competitive advantage to ensure its success, long-term viability, and/or reputation of the organization.

This major will assist business students to become more effective in their performance by helping them (1) to recognize the potential of individuals in the work place, and (2) to structure a positive, supportive, and constructive work environment, which would enable the human resources to optimally fulfill the organization’s goals.

Major Requirements

Human Resource Management Course Requirements (15 credit hours, all with "C-" or better)

Required courses (3 credit hours):

  • HRM 351 - Human Resource Management

Four of the following electives (12 credit hours):

  • HRM 353 - Leadership and Group Dynamics
  • HRM 354 - Organizational Change and Effectiveness
  • HRM 361 - Labor Problems
  • HRM 453 - Personnel Compensation
  • HRM 455 - The Staffing Process
  • HRM 463 - Negotiation and Workplace Dispute Resolution
  • HRM 465 - Labor and Social Legislation
  • HRM 467 - Labor Management Relations Public Sector
  • HRM 469 (IB) - Labor Problems in Asia
  • MGT 341 - Behavior in Organizations
  • MGT 344 - Seminar in Management
  • [HRM 353, 354, 453, or 455 are strongly recommended]

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