Today's managers work in complex organizational structures. They are concerned not only with employees and customers, but with the social, economic, political, and technological aspects of their environment. As we turn toward a global economy, successful managers will be required to have a working knowledge of the international business environment.

Each managerial position in every firm or organization is unique, fulfilling the specific requirements of the organization. A manager is an active member of the management team and is skilled in teamwork, decision making, leadership, communication, and interpersonal relationships.

Functions of a Manager

  • Planning: involves defining organizational goals, setting objectives, and developing short and long term strategic planning.

  • Organizing and Administration: establishes the structure which enables employees to work together efficiently and productively, to accomplish plans and to meet the organization's goals.

  • Leading: The manager is a motivator, helps create a good work environment, and is involved in training employees as well as assigning responsibilities and delegating authority. They manage conflict and change.

  • Controlling: requires managers to receive the information necessary to evaluate em­ployee performance and progress of the firm's strategic objectives and take correc­tive action if required.

Major Requirements

Management Course Requirements (15 credit hours, all with "C-" or better)

Required Courses (9 credit hours):

  • MGT 320 (IB) - Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
  • MGT 341 - Behavior in Organizations
  • HRM 351 - Human Resource Management

Two of the following electives (6 credit hours):

  • ITM 321 (effective Spring 2014) - Project/Venture Management
  • MGT 342 (IB) - Multinational Business Management
  • MGT 343 (IB) - Comparative Management Systems: United States and Japan
  • MGT 344 - Seminar in Management
  • MGT 345 - Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • MGT 348 - History of American Business
  • MGT 399 - Directed Reading and Research
  • MGT 450 - Family Business
  • MGT 461 - Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • MKT 321 - Marketing Research (may be taken for those students who double major in marketing and management)
  • HRM 353 - Leadership and Group Dynamics
  • HRM 354 - Organizational Change and Effectiveness
  • HRM 361 - Labor Problems
  • HRM 453 - Personnel Compensation
  • HRM 455 - The Staffing Process