Kiyohiko Ito
  • Shidler College Distinguished Professor
  • Professor of Management


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(808) 956-7397

Academic Background

  • PhD, University of Michigan
  • MBA, University of Delaware
  • BA, Keio University

Research Interests

  • “Millennium” organizations
  • Strategic management of multinational corporations

Selected Publications


Ito, K. 千年企業の経営:経営時空モデルによる超老舗とグローバル企業の比較 (Management of Millennium Companies: A Space-Time Model). Hakuto Shobo: Tokyo. 2021. ISBN: 9784561267553 (to be published in Japanese).

Journal Articles

Han, S., and Ito, K. “What Explains the Spread of Corporate Social Responsibility? The Role of Competitive Pressure and Institutional Isomorphism in the Diffusion of Voluntary Adoption.” Journal of Management & Organization, (2023): in press.

Robinson, P., Sibala, C., Ito, K., and Beyer, V.L. “The Deeping Divide in Japanese Employment: The Increasing Marginalization of Contract Workers as Explained by Path Dependence, Vested Interests, and Social Psychology.” Contemporary Japan, 34, 1 (2022):13-41. (Lead article)

Robinson, P., and Ito, K. “Inter-linkages between Educational Institutions and White Collar Labor Mobility: A Comparative Study in Japan, Germany, and the U.S.A.” Kindai Management Review, 6 (2018): 100-115.

Ito, K., and Rose, E.L. “Organizational Structure: Spatial and Temporal Considerations.” (in Japanese) Soshiki Kagaku (Organizational Science), 48, 1 (2014): 4-14.

Asakawa, K., Ito, K., Rose, E.L., and Westney, D.E. “Internationalization in Japan’s Service Industries.” Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 30, 4 (2013): 1155-1168.

Ito, K., and Rose, E.L. “The Implicit Return on Domestic and International Sales: An Empirical Analysis of U.S. and Japanese Firms.” Journal of International Business Studies, 41, 6 (2010): 1074-1089.

Rose, E.L., and Ito, K. “Past Interactions and New Foreign Direct Investment Location Decisions: Firm-Specific Analysis in the Global Tire Industry.” Management International Review, 49, 5 (2009): 641-669.

Worthley, R., MacNab, B., Brislin, R., Ito, K., and Rose, E.L. “Workforce Motivation in Japan: An Examination of Gender Differences and Management Perceptions.” International Journal of Human Resource Management, 20, 7 (2009): 1499-1516.

Rose, E.L., and Ito, K. “Competitive Interactions: The International Investment Patterns of Japanese Automobile Manufacturers.” Journal of International Business Studies 39, 5 (2008): 864-879.

Rose, E.L., and Ito, K. “Widening the Family Circle: Spin-Offs in the Japanese Service Sector.” Long Range Planning 38, 1 (2005): 9-26. (Lead article).

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Yu, C.-M., and Ito, K. “Oligopolistic Reaction and Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of the U.S. Tire and Textiles Industries.” Journal of International Business Studies 19, 3 (1988): 449-460.

Campbell, J.C., Pucik, V., Yu, C.-M., and Ito, K. “The Japanese and the U.S. Tax System: Implications for Japanese Auto Exports: A Review Article.” Management International Review 27, 4 (1987): 32-45.

Awards & Honors

  • 2020    Keynote address, The Academic Association for Organizational Science Annual Meeting in Osaka, Japan

  • 2017    Professor of the Semester, Spring 2017 Part-Time MBA Core, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

  • 2015    The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching

  • 2014    Professor of the Semester, Spring 2014 Full-Time MBA Core

  • 2011    Professor of the Semester, Spring 2011 Part-Time MBA Core

  • 2010   Shirley M. Lee Research Award

  • 2010   Professor of the Semester, Spring 2010 Full-Time MBA Core

  • 2005   Distinguished Research Award
  • 2003   The Dennis Ching Award for Excellence in Teaching