kiyohiko ito
  • Shidler College Distinguished Professor
  • Professor of Management


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(808) 956-7397

Academic Background

  • PhD, University of Michigan
  • MBA, University of Delaware
  • BA, Keio University

Research Interests

  • “Millennium” organizations
  • Strategic management of multinational corporations

Selected Publications


Ito, K. 千年企業の経営:経営時空モデルによる超老舗とグローバル企業の比較 (Management of Millennium Companies: A Space-Time Model). Hakuto Shobo: Tokyo. 2021. ISBN: 9784561267553 (to be published in Japanese).

Journal Articles

Robinson, P., Sibala, C., Ito, K., and Beyer, V.L. “The Deeping Divide in Japanese Employment: The Increasing Marginalization of Contract Workers as Explained by Path Dependence, Vested Interests, and Social Psychology.” Contemporary Japan, forthcoming.

Robinson, P., and Ito, K. “Inter-linkages between Educational Institutions and White Collar Labor Mobility: A Comparative Study in Japan, Germany, and the U.S.A.” Kindai Management Review, 6 (2018): 100-115.

Ito, K., and Rose, E.L. “Organizational Structure: Spatial and Temporal Considerations.” (in Japanese) Soshiki Kagaku (Organizational Science), 48, 1 (2014): 4-14.

Asakawa, K., Ito, K., Rose, E.L., and Westney, D.E. “Internationalization in Japan’s Service Industries.” Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 30, 4 (2013): 1155-1168.

Ito, K., and Rose, E.L. “The Implicit Return on Domestic and International Sales: An Empirical Analysis of U.S. and Japanese Firms.” Journal of International Business Studies, 41, 6 (2010): 1074-1089.

Rose, E.L., and Ito, K. “Past Interactions and New Foreign Direct Investment Location Decisions: Firm-Specific Analysis in the Global Tire Industry.” Management International Review, 49, 5 (2009): 641-669.

Worthley, R., MacNab, B., Brislin, R., Ito, K., and Rose, E.L. “Workforce Motivation in Japan: An Examination of Gender Differences and Management Perceptions.” International Journal of Human Resource Management, 20, 7 (2009): 1499-1516.

Rose, E.L., and Ito, K. “Competitive Interactions: The International Investment Patterns of Japanese Automobile Manufacturers.” Journal of International Business Studies 39, 5 (2008): 864-879.

Rose, E.L., and Ito, K. “Widening the Family Circle: Spin-Offs in the Japanese Service Sector.” Long Range Planning 38, 1 (2005): 9-26. (Lead article).

Ito, K., and Rose, E.L. “Foreign Direct Investment Location Strategies in the Tire Industry.” Journal of International Business Studies 33, 3 (2002): 593-602.

Ito, K. “Domestic Competitive Position and Export Strategy of Japanese Manufacturing Firms: 1971‑1985.” Management Science 43, 5 (1997): 610-622.

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Campbell, J.C., Pucik, V., Yu, C.-M., and Ito, K. “The Japanese and the U.S. Tax System: Implications for Japanese Auto Exports: A Review Article.” Management International Review 27, 4 (1987): 32-45.

Awards & Honors

  • 2020    Keynote address, The Academic Association for Organizational Science Annual Meeting in Osaka, Japan

  • 2017    Professor of the Semester, Spring 2017 Part-Time MBA Core, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

  • 2015    The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching

  • 2014    Professor of the Semester, Spring 2014 Full-Time MBA Core

  • 2011    Professor of the Semester, Spring 2011 Part-Time MBA Core

  • 2010   Shirley M. Lee Research Award

  • 2010   Professor of the Semester, Spring 2010 Full-Time MBA Core

  • 2005   Distinguished Research Award
  • 2003   The Dennis Ching Award for Excellence in Teaching