• Assistant Professor



Academic Background

  • PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • MSci, University of Cambridge, UK
  • BA, University of Cambridge, UK

Research Interests

- Innovation in emerging economies

- Migration of knowledge workers

- Science of science

Selected Publications

Fry, CV., (with Megan MacGarvie) Drinking from the Firehose: Preprints, Quality Signals, and the Diffusion of Research on COVID-19, Management Science, forthcoming

Fry, CV., (with Jeff Furman) When do migrants build global networks? Evidence from the South-South migration of female scientists, Organization Science Special Issue on Migration and Organizations, forthcoming

Fry, CV., (with John Lynham and Shannon Tran) 2023 Ranking Researchers: Evidence from Indonesia Research Policy, 52 (5)

Fry, CV., Bridging the Gap: The impact of return migration by African scientists, Organization Science, forthcoming

Fry, CV., Crisis and the Trajectory of Science: Evidence from the 2014 Ebola Outbreak, Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming

Fry, CV., (2021) A Lasting Connection: Colonial Ties and Scientific Capabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, DOI:10.1080/10438599.2021.1959325

Wagner, C ., Cai, X., Zhang, Y., Fry, CV., (2021) One Year In: COVID-19 Research at the International Level in CORD-19 Data, PLOS One, 1-22

Fry, CV., Cai, X., Zhang, Y., Wagner, C., (2020) Convergence in a Crisis: Patterns of International Collaboration in COVID-19 Research PLoS ONE 15(7): e0236307.