Miao Hu

Miao Hu
  • Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Shidler College Faculty Fellow
  • Faculty Advisor for the American Marketing Association


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(808) 956-5335

Academic Background

  • Ph.D. Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • M.S. Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • B.S. Marketing, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

Research Interests

• Branding

• Prosocial and sustainable marketing

• International marketing and international business


Selected Publications

Qimei Chen, Yi He, Miao Hu, and Daoji Li, “(Em)powering the Underdog: How Power States Enhance Referral Intention-Behavior Consistency for Underdog Entrepreneurs,” forthcoming at Journal of Business Research.

Miao Hu, Jie Chen, Dana L. Alden, and Qimei Chen, (2023), " The Coalescence Effect: How a Combination of Foreign and Local Appeals Enhances Customer Engagement Through Perceived Brand Globalness, Journal of International Marketing, 31(1), 49-68.

Chen, Qimei, Miao Hu, Yi He, Ingrid Lin, and Anna S. Mattila, (2022), "Understanding Guests' Evaluation of Green Hotels: The Interplay Between Willingness to Sacrifice for the Environment and Intent vs. Quality-Based Market Signals," International Journal of Hospitality Management.

Ya You, Yi He, Qimei Chen, and Miao Hu, (2021), "The Interplay Between Brand Relationship Norms and Ease of Sharing on Electronic Word-of-Mouth and Willingness to Pay," Information & Management.

Qimei Chen, Yi He, Miao Hu, and Jaisang Kim (2020), "Navigating Relationship Norms: An Exploration of How Content Strategies Improve Brand Valuation Over Time," Journal of Advertising.

Miao Hu, Jie Chen, Qimei Chen, and Wei He (2020), "It Pays Off to be Authentic: An Examination of Direct versus Indirect Brand Mentions on Social Media," Journal of Business Research.

Miao Hu, Pingping Qiu, Fang Wan, and Tyler Stillman (2018), "Love or Hate, Depends on Who’s Saying it: How Legitimacy of Brand Rejection Alters Brand Preferences," Journal of Business Research.

Yi He, Miao Hu, Qimei Chen, Dana L. Alden, and Wei He (2017), "No Man is an Island: The Effect of Social Presence on Negative Word of Mouth Intention," Customer Needs and Solutions.

Linlin Zhu, Yi He, Qimei Chen, and Miao Hu (2017), " It's the Thought that Counts: The Effects of Construal Level Priming and Donation Proximity on Consumer Response to Donation Framing," Journal of Business Research.

Miao Hu, Derek D. Rucker, and Adam D. Galinsky (2016), "From the Immoral to the Incorruptible: How Prescriptive Expectations Turn the Powerful into Paragons of Virtue," Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (June).

Derek D. Rucker, Miao Hu, and Adam D. Galinsky (2014), “The Experience versus The Expectations of Power:
A Recipe for Altering The Effects of Power on Behavior,” Journal of Consumer Research (August), 381-396.

Awards & Honors

Shidler College Faculty Fellow, 2018-present

Shirley M. Lee Research Award, Shidler College of Business, 2017-2018

Dennis Ching Teaching Award, Shidler College of Business, 2016-2017

Professor of the Semester Award (Undergraduate Electives), Shidler College of Business, Fall 2016

AMA National Top 25 Chapters Award (role of faculty advisor), 2016; 2017